Umno polls: Terengganu assemblyman wants to 'rescue' Kuala Nerus

KUALA TERENGGANU: Seberang Takir assemblyman Datuk Razif Abdul Rahman is aiming to "rescue" the embattled Kuala Nerus Umno by contesting the division's number one post.

Barisan Nasional suffered badly in Kuala Nerus during the recent general election where it lost the parliament seat and three out of its four state seats to PAS.

Despite that, Razif successfully retained his Seberang Takir seat and the current state science & technology, environment, energy, green technology and water exco chairman believes he is the right man for the division chief's post.

"It is only right that the division chief's post is held by an elected rep. As the only Umno candidate who won the election in Kuala Nerus, I am offering myself to contest the position," said Razif, after submitting his nomination papers at the Kuala Nerus Umno headquarters here Saturday morning.

Going with the taglines "Transformation in Kuala Nerus' Administration" and "A Youthful Kuala Nerus", Razif said he realises the importance of reaching out to the young voters.

"If we do not show our willingness to change, we might even lose all seats in Kuala Nerus including Seberang Takir next election," said Razif, who is also the Terengganu Umno information chief.

The incumbent Kuala Nerus chief is Datuk Nasir Ibrahim Fikri, who will be defending his post.

Nasir failed to defend the Kuala Nerus parliament seat last May, but that has not stopped him from contesting the division chief's post.

"It does not mean that if I lost the general election I must step down. If I manage to defend my post, it will be my mission to rebuild the Kuala Nerus Umno and aim to regain the seats we lost in the next election," said Nasir, who submitted his nomination papers here a few minutes before Razif.

Razif and Nasir will also be facing another opponent in the form of Datuk Rahin Mohd Said, the current deputy division chief.

Rahin, a former exco chairman, also lost in the general election at his Teluk Pasu seat.

Rahin also submitted his nomination papers in the morning and the fight for the Kuala Nerus chief's post looks set to be a three-cornered fight.