30 protest outside Egyptian embassy

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 30 people demonstrated in front of the Egyptian embassy against the political violence in Egypt.

The group comprising nine non-governmental organisations such as Ikatan Muslimin Malay­sia and Perkasa gathered outside the embassy along Jalan Ru here at 10am yesterday.

The demonstrators were seen carrying placards in support of exiled former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who was toppled by the military in early July.

“No Sisi, Yes Morsi,” read one placard in the peaceful demonstration. About 20 policemen were at the scene.

Speaking to reporters after the protest, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman condemned the Egyptian military over the killing of hundreds of Egyptian civilians.

“We are here to object to what has happened – the massacre of civilians and the takeover of an elected government,” he said.

Protestors outside the Egyptian Embassy near Jalan Ampang Hilir. With them is Yayasan Nassar Foundation chairman Nasharudin Mat Isa (middle, with kopiah) and Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman (blue shirt, third from right). 
Demonstrators protesting outside the Egyptian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. With them is Nasharudin (front row, third from right) and Abdullah Zaik (front row, second from right).

He said the violence in Egypt would not only worsen the situation in the country, but also spread and affect Muslims around the world.

“We are not supporting Morsi because he is Morsi, but because he is the legitimate choice of the people (of Egypt),” he said.

Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali demanded that those who were involved in the massacre be denounced as criminals.

Yayasan Nassar Foundation chairman Datuk Nasharudin Mat Isa said he was disappointed with the Muslim world’s inaction over the violence.

The group then handed over a memorandum to embassy officials before dispersing at about 11am.

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