Major signalling problem temporarily halts KTM Komuter train service

PETALING JAYA: The KTM Komuter train service has malfunctioned, and services to all destinations delayed indefinitely as at 9.50pm Friday.

"Due to major signalling problem @ track crossing near Bangsar, komuter services to all destination has been delayed indefinitely due to a major signalling problem," tweeted @ktmkomuter at 9.19pm.

The earliest indication of a breakdown was at 7:48pm when the same account tweeted that the train service was experiencing delays and apologised for the inconvenince.

However, some commuters were not as forgiving, such as Metzelder Siow (‏@siowhou); "No PA to passengers inside train regarding blackout to whole KTM Komuter line. I'm one of the victim who want to rush back home."

"So KTM Komuter is having blackout now and they keep quietly from passengers. Sell ticket and make us wait inside. @transitmy," he tweeted.

Similarly, Mohd Shaik.Firdaus:D (‏@M_am_U 2h) tweeted; "I got a train to catch in an hour, and I haven't even berbuka, ktmb you'll pay grrrr."

Other, such as Ken Chuan (‏@piercelkc) tweeted; "hello I have my ETS train in 805pm and now I still stuck at ktm komuter... Please be responsible.

He also attempted to claim the cost of the ETS (Electronic Train Service) ticket, which he had missed due to the delay by tweeting "@ktmkomuter how can you pay back my lost?"

He later received a reply from the @ktmkomuter account, asking for his contact details.

Calls to the KTMB Call Centre at 1-300 88 5862 were not successful as the line got disconnected a few seconds after hearing the ringing tone.

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