Leslie Lau: ‘We left Malaysian Insider because of disagreement over company direction’

PETALING JAYA: Contrary to speculation, the majority of staff at news portal The Malaysian Insider did not walk out on Friday, said its former executive editor Leslie Lau on Saturday.

Lau took to Twitter earlier Saturday to explain that his plans, and that of his sister and managing editor Joan Lau, to leave the company had been planned for months, and Friday was their last day at work.

“Despite some speculation the majority of staff at @tm_insider (The Malaysian Insider) did not walk out yesterday. The current owners were given notice of our departure.

“Our reasons for leaving @tm_insider was because of disagreement over direction of company,” he said.

Speculation was rife that the majority of The Malaysian Insider's editorial staff had left the company with Lau, who will join a brand new news portal, The Malay Mail Online, expected to begin operations on July 1.

Lau added that all the editors of the company had planned their departure, but “one decided to stay at the last moment”.

“I wish him all the best. We wish people who have been recruited to take over at @tm_insider all the best just as I'm sure they wish us well,” he said.

A check on the portal's website listed only five members of the editorial team, including its chief executive officer Jahabar Sadiq.

Lau also stressed that the move was a business decision, and no politics had been involved despite some wild speculation.

“We at will strive to practice the same if not better journalism than we did at @tm_insider.”