GE13: DAP’s Chan Foong Hin to contest Sri Tanjong state seat, after all

KOTA KINABALU: DAP's Chan Foong Hin has been reinstated in the electoral candidates list to contest the Sri Tanjong state seat.

A check with the election commissions website showed that Chan's name was on the list of four candidates for the seat in east coast Tawau district.

Chan, 35, said there was a problem with the Internet glitch on nomination day that resulted in his name being left out.

“The election commission in Kota Kinabalu told me there might have been a network problem and that was why my name was not there on their website,” he said.

“So, after I re-sent my original nomination papers to the Election Commission in Kota Kinabalu, my name was reinstated at about 10am this morning,” he said through a phone interview Sunday.

Chan who is also the party state public secretary will be contesting against Barisan's Fung Len Fui, SAPP's Yong Ah Poh and STAR's Olivia Chong Oi Yun.

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