Nurin’s death an open wound

KUALA LUMPUR: More than five years after Nurin Jazlin's tragic death, her father Jazimin Abdul Jalil remains haunted by the thought that her murderer still walks free.

Nurin Jazlin, who was eight when she was kidnapped and murdered in August 2007, remains “very real and dear” to her family members.

Remembering her as an obedient child who often acted as the peacemaker between her elder and younger sisters, Jazimin said her death was “still an open wound”.

“I talk to all my children about her and teach them to remember kak ngah' (second sister). We visit her grave every Friday,” he told The Star. “Even my two-year old son, Jazley Nazril, knows the way to her grave.”

Jazimin said he would not rest easy until the day he could meet his daughter's murderer face-to-face.

He empathised with the parents of William Yau Zhen Zhong, six. “They are undoubtedly going through the same torment as what my family and I had endured.”

He urged the public to show solidarity and support for them, and all the parents of other missing children, instead of judging them.

Jazimin said he too, had received cruel and weird calls when Nurin Jazlin went missing.

William's mother Goh Ying Ying had received a call on Jan 20 at 5am in which the caller said he would return her son in exchange for naked pictures of herself.

“These people are sick, playing with the parents' feelings,” said Jazimin. “They have a mental problem and the police should track them down. All I can tell William's parents is that they must be strong to get through this.”

Jazimin also urged other parents out there to take utmost precaution to protect their children. “Avoid making the same mistakes that could change your lives forever,” he said.

Nurin Jazlin was found almost a month after she went missing when her broken and sexually-assaulted body was discovered in a gym bag. It caused national outrage and the creation of the alert system Talian Nur.


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