Singer Sasha mum on split

PETALING JAYA: Former pop female group Elite singer Sasha Saidin has refused to divulge the details and the reasons for her divorce from Salyo Priyanto after a six-year marriage.

Sasha, 36, said the separation was amicable and she did not want to embarrass him.

“As a Muslim, I do not want to embarrass any party and reveal what happened between us. All I can say is that we took steps to fix our marriage and listened to the advice given by family members.

“Unfortunately, divorce was the best option,” Sasha told mStar Online.

She said she had filed a written request to the Lower Syariah Court not to disclose the reasons for the divorce.

“Honestly, I did not know that we could apply for it but I am grateful the judge accepted our request not to publish the reason behind our divorce,” she said.

On Tuesday, Salyo, 37, an Indonesian, uttered the talak satu (divorce pronouncement) at the Gombak Lower Syariah Court here after the couple agreed to resolve the crisis in their marriage amicably.

It was pronounced in front of Syarie Judge Shaiful Azli Jamaluddin at 2.45pm and the court ordered Sasha to go through edah (the three-month grace period after divorce) beginning from that day.

Sasha and Salyo appeared to be crying after the court announced their divorce.

Sasha said she never regretted their marriage since it was built based on love.

Now, she wants to focus her attention on three-year-old son Adam Aryasenna Notosoemarsono.

“Both of us love our son more than anything else and we will not neglect him despite all our problems. My relationship with my former in-laws remains close and they will come to visit us in Kuala Lumpur every week,” she said.

She said their family members were informed of their problems and had helped with marital advice.

On her future plans, she said she wanted to focus on her career as an artiste and participate more in religious programmes.

Sasha was previously married to Jason Skinner, or Abdullah John Skinner, on June 21, 2003, in London but they separated four years later.

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