Birthday boy seeks an end to ‘clone’ dilemma

KUALA LUMPUR: Taxi driver Mohd Daud Salleh claims he has a “clone” somewhere who has been making a mess of his life.

He is tired of sharing his identity with another man and his New Year and birthday wish is to put an end to a string of embarrassing situations that resulted from the duplication of his name, said Daud, who was born in Kampung Chain in Lenggong, Perak, on Jan 1, 1969.

For instance, he said, a man once showed up at his house in Batu 5, Jalan Gombak, here, with records of a car in his name.

Daud claimed he did not own a car in 2008.

“The man was shocked to see, from the photocopies of the identity card, a different face from the person who wanted to sell the car,” he said in an interview here.

Some time in 2009, Daud received a call from a bank officer asking him to settle an outstanding car loan of RM5,000, with the guarantor stated as one Roslina Mat Said, said to be his wife.

Daud, who has three children, said the woman named Roslina was not his wife. He said he has only one wife, whose name is Mastura Abdul Rahman.

Both men owned cars but Daud said he had neither taken a car nor a housing loan.

“I bought an old car with cash,’’ he said.

Daud said between 1993 and 1995, he served a jail term for house-breaking, but police records show that he committed a traffic offence in Langkawi in 1994.

Daud, who also claimed he did not have an account with the Employees Provident Fund, said the EPF sent him a statement to say he has more than RM26,500 in contributions.

Daud carries an identity card with the number 690101-08-8023.

“In 2005, when I went to the National Registration Department in Taman Melawati to apply for a MyKad, an NRD officer told me I had already made one,” he said, adding that the NRD office in Putrajaya then started an investigation into the matter.

Four years later, the NRD replied and confirmed that he is a Malaysian.

Subsequently, the department sent several notices for him to pick up his new identity card, with the number 690101-36-6011.

“The ‘36’ denotes the new generation of those born in Perak. But I am not that young.

“The change in number will legalise the other Daud using my identity,” he said, adding that veteran lawyer Karpal Singh had advised him not to opt for the new IC number.

Daud said he had lodged several police reports and went to the Public Complaints Bureau as well as Karpal Singh’s law firm in his bid to seek a solution to his dilemma.

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