Bung Moktar finally admits marrying Zizie

PETALING JAYA: Controversial Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin has finally come clean about his marriage to local actress Zizie Ezette.

After repeatedly denying the marriage for days, he admitted that he and the 31-year-old starlet are husband and wife.

Bung Moktar, who is believed to be currently overseas, confirmed the good news through an SMS.

Zizie meanwhile, when contacted over the phone said: “If Datuk says we are married, then yes, we are married.”

A few days ago Bung Moktar had denied marrying Zizie, saying that he had been staying away from Parliament because he had a ‘very important job’ to do in his constituency.

And despite admitting to his marriage, Bung Moktar continued to coy when asked when and where the ‘akad nikah’ ceremony was held, stressing that he did not want to hurt the feelings of “others.”

Many people believed that the “others” that Bung Moktar kept referring to was his family, particularly wife Datin Nor Asidah Alimuddin.

Rumours about the deputy Backbenchers’ Club chairman’s marriage to the actress who had acted in strings of local dramas surfaced last week but he and Zizie’s mother Kathy Fauziah had denied it as mere speculation.

He had also denied holding a wedding reception at a posh hotel here on Wednesday night, instead appealing to all parties to respect their privacy and promised to invite the media if a wedding reception was held in the future.

Zizie, when contacted by mStar Online, said she would explain the situation at a suitable time.

“Please understand that I am in a difficult situation. I have to take care of the feelings of many parties.

"Insya-Allah (God willing), I promise I will elaborate more on the matter when the time is right.

“And if it is true that I am married, I am not guilty in the eyes of Allah, although I may be guilty based on man-made laws.

“But if that is what the fate has in store for me, so be it. However hard I try, I cannot run away from it,” she said.

Furthermore, she added, most of her friends, including entertainment reporters knew about her reputation of never getting involved with married men before.

“All those men that I have dated before were bachelors, but if this my fate, I cannot avoid it any longer,” said Zizie, who is currently busy with the drama “Suraya.”

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