Marang residents strike gold in their backyards

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  • Tuesday, 19 Aug 2008

THERE is a gold mine in the backyards of Kampung Jenang, Marang, reported Harian Metro.

More surprising is the fact that the residents have made it a daily routine to dig for gold in the comfort of their own premises, earning upwards of RM1,000 per week.

Digging for gold, however, is only a part-time job for them.

The daily reported that they do it as an extra source of income.

Rubber tapper Abdullah Abdul Rahman, 68, a resident of the kampung in Terengganu, when interviewed said he usually does it in the evenings after work.

He added that he used to mine for the precious metal in the nearby Lubuk Mandi area of Rusila.

“That gave me the experience I needed to scrutinise the soil around the area and it really came as a surprise when several years ago I started digging near my house and struck gold.

“It wasn’t long until other residents also started looking for their fortune,” he said.

> Sinar Harian reported that PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had proposed to offer a senatorship to a non-Muslim from the PAS Supporters Club.

He said this was to show the party’s appreciation for the role played by club members.

However, he said this proposal might not materialise soon as the allocation for senator seats for state governments was limited.

“The allocation is only one or two (seats per state), but we have appointed them in district councils and government agencies,” he said.

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