AKU BOSS owner wants to sell for RM400k

A businessman who successfully bid for the car number plate AKU 8055 wants to sell the unique vehicle registration numbers for RM400,000. Ch'ng De Wei had outbid 27 offers and bought the car plate that resemble the Malay phrase "Aku Boss" (I am the boss) for RM74,000 in August. A photo of the "AKU 8055" number attached to a Demak EX-90 motorbike owned by Ch'ng went viral on social media. According to his spokesperson, the businessman had planned to earn a profit when he first bid for the number. "So far, the highest bid received is around RM300,000," the spokesman said.

>Daycare centre closes after baby choked on milk and died

A daycare centre in Hulu Kelang, Gombak, has stopped operating since Monday after a three-month-old baby died believed to have choked on milk last week. Nafisah Muhammad Izzuddin was confirmed dead at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital on Sept 8. It was reported that the mother, Noor Shulaila Yaacob, 28, could not accept the explanation given by the daycare centre. "I was told that Nafisah was taken care of by an Indonesian staff. According to the staff, my baby was sleeping and later found to be unconscious when she returned from washing the milk bottle. "The staff said she had fed Nafisah at 8am before bathing and putting her to sleep," said the mother. It is understood that the baby's father and grandfather had rushed to the centre and found that Nafisah's body had already turned yellow. They rushed her to the nearest clinic before she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The family has lodged a police report.