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No-smoking rule will be successfully implemented, says Selangor govt

KLANG: There will be initial hiccups but the Selangor government is adamant that the smoking ban at all food outlets will be successfully implemented in the state.

Deadly pufferfish a delicacy for Sarawakians

BETONG: The deadly pufferfish is apparently tasty when it is made into curries, grilled or fried.

Worth the trouble: Despite the risks, many Sarawakians continue to enjoy eating pufferfish cooked in a variety of ways.

Small steps, big impact

Smart-city solutions for Asia need not be grandiose projects.

State of the art: New Clark City is designed to become the Philippines’ first smart and green metropolis with driverless cars, sprawling parks and disaster-proof infrastructure. — AECOM

Land users may have to rehabilitate swamp

GEORGE TOWN: The state may require those who “raped” a mangrove swamp in Batu Maung to remove the hundreds of tonnes of soil, sand and construction waste used to fill it up.

Nature ravaged: Industrial waste and construction debris being disposed at the mangrove land owned by state Fisheries Department in Batu Maung.

Saltwater crocs feeling the heat

PASIR GUDANG: While many scientists believe that an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs some 65 millions years ago, crocodiles continue to thrive on earth.

Suhakam: Inquest can be held if no one has been charged

PETALING JAYA: An inquest can be held when there is a death or case classified as murder but no one has been charged for the crime, says Suhakam.

Indonesia hikes up danger level for erupting Anak Krakatau volcano

CARITA: Indonesia has raised the alert level for the erupting Anak Krakatau volcano to the second highest, and ordered all flights to steer clear, days after it triggered a tsunami that killed at least 430 people.

An active Anak Krakatau volcano as seen from a ship on the Sunda Strait. Indonesia has raised the alert level for the volcano that sparked a killer tsunami, after previously warning that fresh activity at the crater threatened to launch another deadly wave. —AFP

Hummingbirds thrive at innovative Mexico gardens

Mexico’s largest university, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, launched an ambitious project to monitor and protect hummingbirds with urban gardens.

‘Global warming mirrors Earth’s largest extinction event’

MORE than two-thirds of life on earth died off some 252 million years ago, in the largest mass extinction event in Earth’s history.

The ‘Great Dying’: Dimetrodon gigas and Eryops megacephalus from the early Permian period in North America. Creatures such as these would have been part of the era when volcanoes pumped greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – much as we are doing now. — Wikimedia Commons

We should be an example

According to the latest report on climate change, tropical South-East Asia is projected to experience the largest impacts on economic growth if global warming exceeds 1.5°C. This is why Malaysia should set ambitious targets and take unprecedented actions in battling the planet’s worst problem.

Climate alert: Tropical South-East Asia, including Malaysia, is projected to experience impacts such as heavy rains and higher risks of floods and flash-floods, among other impacts, if global warming exceeds 1.5C.