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  • Sunday, 26 Apr 2020

IT is common for students to come up with excuses or pretend to be sick just to get an extra day or two away from school.

But since implementation of the movement control order (MCO), they are realising that school was something they often took for granted.

Reminiscing about school, SM Stella Marris student Eros Ng, 16, said he has learnt to not take everything for granted.

“We do not know the importance of something until we lose it.

“We have taken freedom, work and school for granted. Now that schools are closed, we feel uncomfortable and uneasy.”

Most of his friends are missing school too.

“When we could go to school, we would say it’s tiring or boring. But going to school makes us more useful because we will be busy with activities and interacting with our friends and teachers,” said the Science stream student.

Eros said the MCO gave families time to bond and exercise, and it allowed him to improve his cooking skills.

“I have been trying out different recipes when I cook for my family.

“But being confined at home can get a bit boring as I’m used to being with friends, having meals in restaurants, going to the market and engaging in outdoor sports.”

Fifteen-year-old Lavanya Thivagar can’t wait to give her friends tight hugs once the pandemic is over.

Grateful to her teachers, she said they are going the distance to ensure that students are actively engaged through online lessons.

“I’m using my own notes and online lessons given by my teachers to revise. I miss learning and interacting with my teachers and friends in a real classroom.”

At home, Lavanya helps out with chores and coaching her younger brother with his homework.

Hoping the MCO will not be extended again, Dara Rosseanne Rabyah Ak Jou@Peter, 15, is doubling her effort to make up for time away from school.

“Besides doing online assignments, I go through all my notes from the previous years,” said the student who also stays up-to-date on Covid-19 related news.

While she dislikes the MCO, SMK Vivekananda, Brickfields student Larasati Najwa Roszaili, 15, understands that it is a necessary safety precaution.

“Although I am shaken up with the news about the deadly virus, the way things are now is not that different from my daily routine since I’m not an outgoing person.”

While she looks forward to playing volleyball once the MCO ends, Larasati Najwa misses face-to-face interactions, group study sessions and nature walks.

“I feel like I am behind in my studies so I’ve been trying my best to do all the exercises our teachers give us, study all the topics I’ve learnt in class and watch educational videos,” she said.

While keen to return to school once the condition improves, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidate Kugeshwary Bhaskaran has been coping well with the MCO.

“I’m nervous like other SPM students, but I’m not allowing myself to get stressed out about it. I’m revising during my free time.

“I hope teachers will not skip any chapters or rush to complete the syllabus once schools reopens,” said the student who prefers classroom learning.

SPM candidates Muhammad Shahzwan Amizi Nazali and Athavan Karunkaran, however, are feeling the pressure.

While Muhammad Shahzwan can study on his own, he prefers learning from his teachers.

“I’m using all the resources I can to catch up with my studies. YouTube is useful as I understand my lessons better from the videos.”

Athavan spends most of his leisure time studying and preparing for the SPM exam, which has been postponed to the first quarter of 2021.

He, however, does not enjoy studying at home.

“It’s easier for me to catch up with my studies now as I am not wasting time doing other things.

“But there are times when I feel like I need some fresh air and to look at something else, besides these walls I’m trapped in,” said Athavan who is eager to see his friends again.

Schools will remain closed until the authorities are convinced that the Covid-19 situation is completely under control, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had earlier said.

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