School leaver’s guide to higher education

  • Monday, 3 Dec 2018

IF you are a high school student studying for your SPM, you would probably reach a point when you wonder: “Where do I go from here?”

When you are at this crossroads in your life, your future success as a student depends upon the choices you make and how you plan to achieve them.

Certainly, options are aplenty to explore after SPM and should you wish to continue onwards with a tertiary education, below are some unique pathways to a brighter future to consider.

Your pathway to a brighter future starts here.

The World Largest Provider of the Western Australian Certificate of Education

The Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) programme in Sunway College is the most established and largest overseas provider in the world.

Students with the AUSMAT qualification can access other renowned universities in Australia itself as well as in the US, the UK, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand. It is also accepted in Malaysians private universities as part of the criteria to their undergraduate programmes.

Sunway College prepares students for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and is the only provider of that certification in Malaysia to offer the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) and general courses.

There are over 100 subject combinations in both the sciences and humanities that you can choose from. It also focuses in developing your lifelong learning skills, such as consistency, multitasking, time management, collaboration and communication.

AUSMAT alumna Veeanna Lee said, “The AUSMAT programme taught me to be independent and resourceful in my studies. The flexibility of the programme along with guidance from amazing teachers greatly prepared me for my journey in university.

“I gained many opportunities throughout my study in Sunway College and made countless valuable friendships and connections.”

The world acclaimed British qualification

Considered the benchmark in British educational excellence, the A-Level is the best ticket to get on board most top UK universities.

Cambridge GCE A-Level in Sunway College hold a remarkable record of 50% achieving straight A*/As and 100% pass rate with over 229 Top in the World & Malaysia awards to-date. Sunway A-Level engages a mentor-mentee system that will guide you through your academic progress and university applications.

A-Level alumna Shanna Chung Sim Ler said, “The continuous support and guidance from my experienced lecturers during and after class aided me greatly to achieve the results I did.

“In addition to the excellent facilities and extracurricular options, the devotion and assistance that Sunway provides for its students throughout their university applications is exceptional. Sunway allowed me to experience a high quality pre-university education that exceeded my expectations.”

No.1 world-ranked Ontario education system

The Canadian Year 12 School curriculum according to the requirements of the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education offers three major pathways in health sciences, engineering and business. Its students graduate with internationally recognised Ontario Secondary School Diploma, as well as the necessary academic and interpersonal skills to compete successfully in the global world.

Sunway’s Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) is the only Canadian Year 12 School curriculum delivered according to the requirements of the Ontario (Canada) in Malaysia. The current CIMP faculty has over 370 years of teaching experience and have taught in 29 countries in addition to Malaysia.

Students are encouraged to join in extracurricular activities that ranges from Student Council, Model United Nations, People to People International, Varsity Athletics in the International School Athletic Conference, various clubs and societies such as poetry, fitness, help in mathematics and English, coding, entrepreneurship and sports. They also receive awards for participating in community service, extra-curricular activities, being student of the month, or an achievement in a subject.

CIMP alumnus Eric Chiang Hinn Yuen shared that “The exceptional academic and extra-curricular activities experience that I have learnt from CIMP have provided me with a strong foundation to pursue my ambition. If it was not for CIMP, I believe my dream will be just a dream.”

Internationally recognised direct pathway to Monash University

Sunway College as the only academic institution to provide one of the top Australian education establishments — Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) programme is the academic bridge that transitions students into a successfully undergraduate position in Monash and other universities.

The programme is recognised by all Australian universities, selected NZ and UK universities, branch campuses of foreign universities in Malaysia and other local private universities. The foundation programme is not discipline specific and prepares students for all university courses while using a delivery method that is presented in smaller modules — for more flexibility. According to June 2018 result, 100% of MUFY graduates are qualified for university.

MUFY Alumnus Tan Wen Liang shared that “My learning experience in MUFY was invaluable and enjoyable. The programme provided a highly supportive learning atmosphere, and sharpened my personality to be more disciplined and independent.

“MUFY boosted my confidence and skills to adapt to the challenging environment in my Engineering Degree at Monash University. The invaluable experience continues to inspire me in my PhD studies.”

Home-grown quality foundation programmes

Sunway Foundation Programme is the provider of the highest number of Sunway University’s first class honours graduates. The Sunway Foundation Programme can be streamed into the

Foundation in Arts (FIA) or Foundation in Science & Technology (FIST).

The FIA creates an academic pathway for students to transition smoothly into tertiary level studies at Sunway University or to selected local and overseas universities.

It develops the students’ sense of social responsibility through community involvement and participation in extracurricular activities and equip them with technical and soft skills necessary to be resourceful and successful in higher studies and enterprising in your career.

FIA alumna Ko Chia Huey said that “Sunway Foundation in Arts (FIA) has taught me to be creative, innovative and proactive. From classes to field trips, assignments to exams, you will have to juggle between so many tasks, but I assure you, your time spent in FIA will be the most memorable and amazing experience in your learning journey.”

The FIST equips students with learning strategies that will prove useful when studying science on a tertiary level and prepares students for language used in higher level scientific literature and academic rigor of undergraduate courses. The programme inculcates a sound understanding of ICT application skills and statistics.

FIST encourages enrichment in general knowledge, critical-thinking skills and professional development and as a student, you get to explore interactive discourses such as critical thinking, science and ethics, scientific revolutions and more. All aspects of learning in FIST are current with practical situations and experience that will ensure understanding of concepts and theories.

FIST alumnus Kamaleshwaran said, “My experience with the Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology (FIST) programme was life changing. Not only was I able to affirm my passion and interest for the workings of the human mind, it also aided my self-confidence, socialising ability, and passion for educating. My lecturers’ encouragement in the present day still keeps me going. FIST helps prepare students for their future, both academically and mentally.”

Sunway College is awarded MYQUEST Outstanding 6 Stars Rating in General Programmes, College-based Category and International Student Services, placing it as a leading college with the highest standards.

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