Scholarships for women in global MBA

THE University of London celebrates the 150th Anniversary of opening up special examinations for women by offering 150 scholarships for women to enrol on its Global MBA programme.

The offer is only available this year, as part of the University of London’s Leading Women campaign, which celebrates 150 years since the university opened up ‘Special Examinations’ for women in 1868. This small but momentous occasion, led 10 years later to the opening up of full degrees. In both instances, this made the University of London the first to do so in the United Kingdom.

The University of London Global MBA, delivered in partnership with Queen Mary University of London, comes with professional accreditation from major bodies, including the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). This ensures that those who complete the award add significant value to their career prospects.

The 150 scholarships for the Global MBA programme, through the university’s online, blended and flexible learning programme, each equate to a 40% reduction in fees payable to the University of London.

These 150 scholarships are open to women all over the world, provided that they register in 2018.

There are the deadlines to register for the Global MBA programme as well as qualifying for one of the 150 scholarships, which are awarded on a rolling basis: Sept 1, 2018 (for an October 2018 start) and Nov 26, 2018 (for a January 2019 start).

University of London pro vice-chancellor (International) and head of the University’s Leading Women campaign Dr Mary Stiasny said: “More and more women are entering business, and yet women are underrepresented at an executive level.”

“For example, among the UK’s 100 FTSE companies, we only have seven CEOs who are women, and none of these female CEOs work in the financial services sector.

“The latest UK government figures show that even in the UK’s small and medium sized enterprises, only 20% are led by women, which is a relatively low number,” she said.

“We believe that the University of London’s Global MBA, with specialisms in Law, Finance, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Leadership, will provide women with the necessary tools to make further advances in their chosen fields, and help women to break down gender barriers all over the world.

“Our Leading Women campaign fosters a sense of celebration, that we as a university were the first in the UK to give women access to university education, and to give them the opportunity to have an education like men - on the same footing, in the same way and at the same time.

“The campaign celebrates the very important contributions women have made, and will continue to make, in the society that we live in.

“With these Global MBA scholarships, we hope to support the next generation of leading women as they go on to enter and succeed in securing greater equality in the workplace, particularly in the world of business,” said Dr Stiasny.

Those interested in applying for one of the 150 scholarships will need to complete the scholarship application form, including two written statements, each a maximum of 500 words, outlining their achievements and how the Global MBA will impact on their future.

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