Promoting cyber safety

HELP University recognises the increasing need to equip parents, children, vulnerable individuals and also corporations with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve and enjoy cyber safety.

To promote cyber safety, HELP University in partnership with CY TRE (Cyber Training Research and Education) is organising a seminar on Jan 24 from 10am to 3pm, at ELM Business School, HELP University.

It is entitled, “Cyber Safety Seminar 2018 - Cyber Crime in Focus 1.0” for the benefit of the public.

The seminar is designed for end users of computers, mobile devices as well as the Internet.

The Cyber Safety Seminar 2018 is designed to educate those who have access to an organisation’s information system and provides guidance on how to overcome fraud and cyber crime in their daily life.

K. Ganesha, the principal consultant and founder of CY TRE served for 28 years with the Royal Malaysian Police and during his years of service was attached to many divisions and has investigated the irresponsible use of the Internet for cyber crime.

During Ganesha’s service with the Cyber Crime and Multimedia Unit of the Commercial Crime Investigation Department in the police, he realised the solution for Cyber Crime is to educate the public about the dark side of the Internet regardless of their age group on how to avoid such scammers and to be well versed on the workings of cyber criminals using the Internet to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

“Understand how cyber criminals operate , you and your loved ones will avoid from becoming a victim of cyber crime,” says Ganesha.

The Cyber Safety Seminar 2018 will feature speakers who have created awareness and also conducted training in the area of cyber crime.

SAC Ahmad Noordin Saleh, who is currently Principal Assistant Director of the Commercial Crime Investigation Department, Royal Malaysian Police, says he believes educating the public is the key to preventing fraud as the Internet has become a weapon for those involved in cyber fraud.

Datuk Akhbar Satar, currently Director of the Institute of Crime and Criminology (ICC) at HELP University and also President of Transparency International Malaysia, has more than 35 years of investigative experience.

Today as the Director of the ICC at HELP University since 2006, Akhbar conducts the Master in Economic Crime Management, where graduates receive training in the area of economic crime covering various aspects of cybercrime in corporate organisations and its prevention.

As a speaker, Akhbar has spoken widely on fraud, corruption, ethics, integrity and detection of deception at seminars and conventions held both locally and internationally.

Akhbar hopes to provide useful information on how to combat cybercrime during the seminar.

For more information, call Dharshini Ganeson at HELP University at tel 03 2716 2000 ext 2150 or e-mail

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