Honorary degrees for Shankar, Yeang

Dr Yeang (left) and Shankar received the honorary degrees.

Dr Yeang (left) and Shankar received the honorary degrees.

TAYLOR’s University recently conferred honorary doctorates on two illustrious members of the legal and architecture fraternity, in honour of their foresight and lasting impact to their respective industries.

Taylor’s University vice-chancellor and president, Prof Michael Driscoll said that the recipients, Datuk Mahadev Shankar and Datuk Dr Ken Yeang, are heavyweights of their own accord not just locally but also internationally.

“We wanted to honour Datuk Shankar’s contribution to society and the development of Malaysian jurisprudence and Dr Yeang for his work on ecological architecture and ecomasterplanning.

“Aside from their stellar reputation in their fields among their peers, both are individuals who strongly believe in giving back to the field by sharing their experiences and expertise with aspiring students through various approaches,” said Prof Driscoll.

Shankar and Yeang were awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Humanities and Honorary Doctorate in Science respectively during the 14th Taylor’s University convocation, which saw over 1,300 undergraduate and 43 postgraduate students from 33 countries graduating.

Shankar has had extensive involvement in all aspects of civil and criminal litigation and specialised in medico-legal issues. In 1983, he was appointed a High Court judge and, subsequently, in 1994, he was promoted as a judge of the Court of Appeal. He retired as a judge in 1997.

Shankar was a recipient of the Malaysian Bar Lifetime Achievement Award.

TR Hamzah and Yeang Sdn Bhd principal Yeang has authored several key papers and over 12 books and monographs on ecological design and holds the Distinguished Plym Professorship at the University of Illinois.

Taylor’s University chancellor Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Syed Jalaludin Syed Salim conferred the degrees on Shankar and Yeang.