Expert’s insightful talk at British varsity

It’s one for the album as Prof Brady poses for the camera with Sheng after the event.

It’s one for the album as Prof Brady poses for the camera with Sheng after the event.

THE University of Bristol held its president’s reception for its alumni in Kuala Lumpur recently.

The event also saw its high-profile alumnus, Tan Sri Andrew Sheng, deliver an insightful talk on global emerging issues and the challenges facing education.

The varsity’s president and vice-chancellor, Prof Hugh Brady, said it was an honour to have Sheng at the event.

Sheng, a fellow of the Asia Global Institute and a columnist with The Star, is known for his expertise and experience in international finance and global governance.

Prof Brady said Sheng’s talk was an opportunity to learn more about the future for education in Malaysia and across the globe, from an expert in the field.

The reception was preceded by a careers panel – Bristol Connects – during which successful alumni shared their expertise and experience since leaving the university with recent graduates.

“The fact that these simultaneous visits are taking place is a sign of the strong and growing links between Bristol and Malaysia.

“The Government has put education at the forefront and we look forward in developing this relationship further,” said Prof Brady.

The university recently launched its new strategy which puts innovation at the heart of its future plans.

All students entering the varsity this year have access to a number of pioneering personal development pathways, one of which focuses on innovation and enterprise.

Sheng congratulated the university for its cutting-edge approach to innovation in many areas and its commitment to change.

Prof Brady added that the varsity had plans for partnerships with local universities.

Meanwhile, Education Ministry officials were recently in Bristol to discuss the possibility of the university hosting specialist scholars from Malaysia who have the potential to become the science teachers of the future.

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