Assessments useful for teachers, students

IN every educational institution, tests, evaluations and assessments are used to measure the ability of students using the learning materials and whether the students meet the stated objectives and goals.

Many would say that assessments are for educators to gather information on which to base scores or grades, but they actually help students to know what they have learnt.

Most teachers have during their college days learnt that a test or quiz is used to examine someone’s knowledge of something, to determine what he or she knows or has learnt.

Testing measures the level of skill or knowledge that has been reached.

Evaluation is the process of making judgments based on criteria and evidence.

Only recently has assessment become the talk of the town.

The process of documenting knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs, are usually in measurable terms.

Assessment goals are all about making improvements, as opposed to simply being judged.

In an educational context, assessment is the process of describing, collecting, recording, scoring and interpreting information about learning.

Many would also have realised that learning can be fun, as we are constantly seeking knowledge no matter where we are.

To be successful, we need to have confidence in our ability to learn and be lifelong learners. Assessment plays a role in developing our confidence in seeking knowledge and lifelong skills.

Whatever you do, whether it is your homework, an assignment or a quiz, you still need to study in order to know the materials.

A good way to understand the importance of assessment is to think about learning skills. In football, for example, you will be told by the coach about your performance on the field, and this tells you how to control your passing and kicking while the game is on.

When you are learning a skill, assessment or feedback is automatic. When you are learning science or technology, the feedback process needs to be made known through assessment.

An assessment doesn’t have to be a written exam. Your knowledge will be based on how much you’ve understood of a topic or subject.


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