Impressive IB scores

THE International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) has done it again. The results for their International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma candidates have surpassed world and Asia Pacific averages.

ISKL’s pass rate was 97.9%, compared to 79.37 % world-wide, and 89.7 % in the Asia Pacific region.

On top of that, ISKL students had an average score of 35 points, versus a world average of 30, and an Asia Pacific average of 33.

Of the 97 IB Diploma students at ISKL, 15 of them scored over 40 points on exams, which is 16% of the IB cadre, compared to 8% worldwide with such a score.

Their student, Teshya Chow, achieved an impressive score of 44 (out of 45).

This places her among the top 1% of students worldwide who have achieved such an extraordinary result.

“The achievement of these young scholars is reflective of their focus and hard work, and the many faculty members from across the disciplines who have supported these students by providing them with exceptional education,“ said ISKL’s head of school Dr Norma Hudson.

“We are pleased that these students, like so many ISKL graduates, leave us and enrol in some of the finest universities globally,” she added.

IB students’ challenging academic work encompass historical investigations, mathematical explorations, geographic fieldwork, economic commentaries, orals in world languages, and theatre research.

They are involved in writing 4,000-word research papers, a 15-minute oral discussion on comparative literature, the public display of a body of artwork, or the building of an original laboratory experiment.

Such learning cannot be done by memorising facts and figures, but is accomplished by being inquisitive and taking intellectual risks, which are the hallmarks of a 21st century education.

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