Gender discrimination in school

IT has come to my knowledge that a female school student and athlete from SMK USJ 12 was not allowed to lead the school in the pledge or as we know it, ikrar for the school’s annual sports day.

It was stated that it was the school’s “protocol” to have a male student lead the school in the pledge instead of a female. I find this rule quite demoralising.

Allowing a male to lead gives the impression that a female is incapable of being a leader.

Since it is a cluster school, those in charge should not only be educating their students in curriculum and co-curriculum, but also teaching students to rise up to become the future leaders of our beloved country.

By discriminating the female students, they are not fulfilling their tasks of bringing up students equally and fairly.

Furthermore, the teachers who have been adamant that a male student lead the pledge, are female teachers themselves.

As teachers, they should be encouraging their students, male and female, to rise up and lead.

By discouraging the female students, they are unknowingly practising misogyny and sexism themselves.

As female teachers, they should be motivating their students to take charge and lead a crowd.

By following protocol that allows only males to lead, seems hypocritical to me especially since the three teachers who are in charge and lead the school, are all females.

Many students are upset about such protocol which I agree is unacceptable.

They want this “rule” to be abolished. They demand that a female is just as capable and should be allowed to lead the school in the pledge.

Students have said that this practice should not be followed as it is the 21st century and females have a right to lead.

Not only are the girls unhappy about this, so are the boys.

One of them said that it is unfair to not allow a female athlete, who has made the school proud in many of her achievements, to lead the pledge.

This school is well known for its achievements in exams, sports and school activities.

However, if it continues to dscriminate, the school will not be able to boast of its many triumphs for long.



*Editor’s note: We spoke to the SMK USJ 12’s principal, who has asked the parent to lodge a complaint with the school.

“We’d prefer that the parent come to the school and clarify with us, as they may have misunderstood the issue.

“We want the best for our school, as any teacher would,” she said.

The principal said it could have been a small matter and did not want it blown out of proportion.