Choices aplenty for school-leavers

IT’S decision time once again for school-leavers.With the myriad of courses and options available, picking just one has become a science (or art) in itself.

To make matters easier, StudyExcel Sdn Bhd general manager Jerry Tan offers some advice on what to consider and look out for when picking a course.

“You have to consider whether you are more academically-minded or more creative and hands-on, because you don’t want to take up a course that does the opposite.”

Ideally, the search should begin in Form Four and not at the very last minute, Tan continues.

If students are confused, they should speak to education counsellors who could guide them.

They could also sit for career personality and aptitude tests which are freely available online or conducted at education fairs and open days.

Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) president Tan Sri Dr Zulkurnain Awang also suggests that students look at how marketable they will be once they graduate.

“To be employable, you have to build on your capabilities as well as attitude and communication skills. That being said, you have to look beyond how great a course sounds and be realistic about your job prospects,” he said.

Below is a table outlining the popular pre-university options that are available in Malaysia.

*This is not a comprehensive list of choices. You are encouraged to conduct your own research, as well as to check the most current information regarding tuition fees and entry requirements with the schools and institutions you are interested in.

Be sure to look out for next Sunday’s issue where we will focus on the option of taking a gap year!



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