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  • Sunday, 17 May 2009

A COLD souless portrait of a young adult stared out of the page. The headline above asked “What am I? Narrow or straight?” The team of students were exploring the issue of teenage sexuality in their Mag Inc entry.

Judging from the ideas that emerged after the brainstorming session, the students were obviously not short of ideas.

After a whirlwind start, the Mag Inc contest workshops came to a close in the first week of April with almost 100 new schools participating in the contest workshops. Eager students, chauffeur-driven by teachers, attended 11 workshops throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Judging from the phone calls and e-mails that have inundated Star-NiE, students were already on the ball even before the templates were published on April 1!

Here are the most frequently asked questions and the answers to help those with similar queries.

I bought a copy of The Star on April 1 from a newsstand but was unable to find a Mag Inc template in the newspaper. Can I download the template from the Internet?

The contest templates were enclosed with The Star-NiE pullouts on April 1 and April 22. The Star-NiE pullouts on these dates were not national issues. What this means is, only schools that subscribe to The Star’s Newspaper-in-Education (NiE) programme would have received the pullouts with the contest templates enclosed. The Star you buy from newsstands or the copy delivered to your home will not have the pullout enclosed. The contest template is not available on the Internet.

My friends and I are studying in SK XXX. We would like to participate in the Mag Inc contest. Could you please post us 10 copies of the contest templates?

It is always great to see eager young minds interested in our StarNiE-Pizza Hut contests. Participation for the Mag Inc contest, however, is through schools only. Speak to your schoolteacher about participating in the contest, or ask your teacher to call Sharon Ovinis at 03-7967 1298.

I am a teacher. My school does not subscribe to Star-NiE. Can we participate in the contest?

The contest is meant for Star-NiE subscription schools. But we welcome non-subscription schools in our contest. We require an appointed teacher who is able to coordinate contest logistics for the students. Please call The Star’s Audience Development Unit at 03-7967 1777 or e-mail cir.ccu@thestar.com.my to order backdated copies of the April 22 issue.

I am a teacher. This is my school’s first participation in a Star-NiE contest. How do I get my school password to register online?

Complete FORM A, enclosed on the contest template. Complete the details required for us to generate the school’s password. Fax FORM A to 03-7955 4039 (this fax number is listed on the form). Star-NiE will either fax you a letter or call you on your mobile phone to inform you of the password and the activation date.

Help! How do I log on to register for the contest?

Go to The Star Online, click on the Education tab. A Mag Inc contest logo will appear on the top left corner of the page. Double click on the logo. You will be on our mini website for the contest that gives you news, updates, contest regulations, etc. The login tab is on your extreme right.

Why am I unable to key in any data under “The number of entries” column for the magazine and CD entries?

Our “Step by step guide for online registration” (page 4, NiE contest template, April 1 and April 22), explains that this column will be activated after May 25 only. Contest coordinators are required to key in the final number of Mag Inc and CD entries after students have submitted their entries.

Sixth Formers will be enrolling in our school sometime in May. Can we key in additional teams after the cut off date on April 30?

We welcome additional teams. Once the login site has been reactivated on May 25, teacher coordinators can add new teams or delete teams that have dropped out of the contest. Use the “edit” or “delete” icon that appears next to the team entry to do the necessary.

Do I need to key in the names of the individual students who form the team?

No. We only require the team names. By filling in FORM B (printed on the contest template itself), we will be able to notify the school and teacher-in-charge if the entry has been selected for a grand prize.

Do I have to post/fax the list of registered teams (from my school) to Star-NiE once I have registered my teams online?

No. Make sure you retain a copy for yourself. Once you have saved the information on the “Save” icon, your school information will appear on our Star-NiE database. Submit a copy of your registration form only when you are submitting your students’ entries (by June 20). Be sure to complete the “Number of entries” column as the information is required for tabulation of pizza vouchers for your school!

How can we confirm if our school has been registered online?

Star-NiE will publish the school registration list on May 24, in StarEducation. Please check for school details and accuracy.

I registered 20 teams from my school. Do I have to submit all 20 entries on June 20?

Yes. The teacher coordinator must also select one entry for shortlisting. Label your nominated entry.

My team would like to type our article out on a computer and print it on fancy paper. Can we cut and paste it on the contest template after that?

Yes, you can. Make sure that your materials are firmly pasted onto the original template to avoid detachment during transportation and storage.

Can we hand-write our article?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the type of medium you use to complete your entry.

My friends and I plan to use poems as content elements (in our magazine). Can we copy them from the Internet or books? We would definitely credit the author but will our entry be disqualified if we do so? Can we do the same for comic strips?

Yes, you may incorporate materials taken from books and the Internet while giving the author due credit. If you are vying for the top prizes however, do come up with your own ideas as marks are allocated for creativity and originality.

How many templates must our team have? We plan to submit one magazine entry and one video entry. Can we make a photocopy of FORM B (found on the template) and use it to submit our CD entry?

Your team will require two original templates; one for the magazine entry and the other, for the video entry. Photocopies of entry forms will not be entertained.

For more info, call Sharon Ovinis at 03-7967 1298 (from 8am to 4pm, Mon-Fri) or email starnie@thestar.com.my.

Teachers, confirm your school’s online registration by checking our school list on May 24, StarEducation.

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