Dengue awareness campaign in PJS 9

Students went to back lanes to locate potential mosquito breeding spots and pick up rubbish.

IN A bid to increase anti-dengue awareness in PJS 9, Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ), Sunway University, Rotaract Club and Zone 2 Residents’ Committee and Sunway student volunteers teamed up for a dengue awareness campaign in PJS 9/14.

MPSJ officers, students and residents went around on a “search and destroy” mission to locate potential mosquito breeding spots.

They also distributed Abate, a larvicide, and told residents to keep their home premises and neighbourhood clean and dengue-free.

The university also organised a contest for innovative mosquito traps.

Students sweeping through back lanes to find potential mosquito breeding spots.
A Sunway University student volunteer looking at an Aedes mosquito sample.

The campaign started with a briefing by MPSJ Health Department assistant officer Mazlan Mohd Nor, who said PJS 9 was one of the dengue hotspots in the municipality.

There was a total of 71 cases in residential areas and 54 cases in Lagoon Perdana apartments so far this year.

He also shared dengue-prevention tips such as avoiding going out during the time when Aedes mosquitoes are active (morning and evening), wearing sleeves and long pants, and using insect repellents.

“Fogging is not the ultimate solution. The best prevention is to not get bitten,” he said.


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