Fashion is her forte

SAIDATUNAL Natrah Khalid is a fashionista who hopes to turn her business ideas into reality someday.

The part-time model, who is also a tourism and hospitality student, dreams of creating her own fashion brand.

“I have this idea to start a clothing line that fuses traditional Malay clothes like baju Melayu and baju kurung with modern fashion styles,” said the 22-year-old, who prefers to be called Natrah.

“Nowadays, traditional Malay clothes are losing their popularity among the young so I want to revive them by updating the style.”

Natrah started modelling part-time after winning a model search in her home state of Johor.

“It was never my intention to model but my mother encouraged me,” she added.

Natrah cites shopping as her hobby and particularly loves buying shoes.

“I collect shoes although I only wear a few pairs that match my outfits,” she said, and admitted that many of the pairs have never been worn.

·What is your favourite type of music?

“I love listening to jazz music.”

·What is your favourite food?

“I like tomyam, as well as Malay cuisine.”

·Who is your favourite local personality?

“I am a huge fan of Yuna Zarai.”

·Name a place you would like to visit

“I think Hong Kong, because I simply adore their fashion style.”

·What is the one thing you really dislike?

“I hate it when people do not show respect for others.”

Make-up by Ling Chong using Shiseido Makeup

Hair by Ling Chong using Shiseido Professional

Art direction by Choong Mek Zhin

Model: Saidatunal Natrah Khalid

Born: July 27, 1992

Ethnicity: Malay

Fluent in: Malay, English

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