Singing their love for the country

The hundred strong choir was the centrepiece of the event.

The hundred strong choir was the centrepiece of the event.

A 100-member choir made up of youths made quite an impact at a Merdeka Devotional event organised by the Baha’i community of Malaysia recently.

More than 700 people of various races turned up for the event at the Petaling Jaya Civic Centre. Guest of honour at the event was Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup.

Referring to the large number of youths in the choir, Kurup said it was important for the young to be involved in activities that would contribute towards nation building.

“A majority of the country’s population is made up of those below 40 years old and therefore, young people have a major role to play in preserving the unity of the nation and its future direction.

“The unity that we have in this country cannot be taken for granted,” he said.

He added that every Malaysian must understand and accept diversity as a blessing.

Also present was 1Malaysia Foundation trustee Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

Baha’i National Spiritual Assembly chairman Datuk Dr M. Singaraveloo said the Baha’i community had joined the rest of the religious communities in taking this special initiative to foster unity in the country.

He said the event, organised for the first time at such magnititude, was successful in meeting its goal.

“The participation of people from all walks of life who attended the event is a good reflection of the diversity and unity that exists in the country,” he said, adding that smaller-scale devotional events for Merdeka had been organised in the past.

The one-hour devotional event was an effort by the Baha’i community in reponse to the call made by the Government for all religious groups to organise befitting devotionals in conjunction with Merdeka Day.

The devotional culminated in a specially composed song for Merdeka 2014 entitled Fill Your Hearts With Love which aptly resonates with this year’s theme for Merdeka, “Malaysia Where Love Grows”.

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