From pulp to art

Ground Control by Mohd Ishak Jamaluddin.

Ground Control by Mohd Ishak Jamaluddin.

PULPA: the Cutting Age is an experimental exhibition that explores the unconventional use of paper as a main medium in art.

From now until early July, experimental works utilising paper, or pulp, as the main medium by 21 artists of diverse backgrounds will be on display at Galeri Chandan, Publika in Kuala Lumpur.

The artists, skilled in disciplines such as painting, sculpting, cartooning, animation, designing and illustrating, were asked to challenge themselves to create something out of their comfort zone.

The results were powerful creations made of transformed humble scraps of paper.

Ahmad Muhammad Mohamed Kamal’s “Chair: Ambition” was a metaphor for his time in school when teachers would ask students what they wanted to be, he never dreamed of one day being an artist.

Ishak Jamaluddin’s “Ground Control” is a 360-degree panorama installation of an alien base camp, creating a busy and fun space environment.

Splandrel by Anniketyni Madian.
‘Splandrel’ by Anniketyni Madian.

“Prototype” by Mohd Alif consisted of a robot character created from his comic series Spender Boy, assembled part by part and constructed with a complex body structure inside out using only recycled material.

Well-known for her massive wooden sculptures, Anniketyni Madian’s vividly colourful wall installation of paper buildings — “Spanderal” — showed her love for details.

Anisa Abdullah’s process of making form without referring to any sketches or images resulted in two magazine paper collages on canvas titled “Hiding”.

Husin Othman constructed “T.M.B”, a paper collage on plywood creating a 3D sculpture resembling a water meter using different types of paper in an effort to differentiate surface and character as a metaphor to the modern-day monetary dilemma.

Prototype by Mohd Alif Omar at Pulpa at the Cutting Edge exhibition at Galeri Chandan at Publika Shopping Gallery.
‘Prototype’ by Mohd Alif Omar.

Meanwhile, Mursyidah Zainal Abidin’s “The Formation”, made of 100% recycled paper pulp, is a result of her enthusiasm in experimenting with pulp work using shapes and only natural sources, leading to the creation of the graceful installation.

Muhammad Nazri Tahir’s piece “All in the Living and Death in this Beautiful World” is a mixed media collage on mounting board. The work is an optical presentation depicting a butterfly resting on the face of a clock.

Each artist in the exhibition has his or her own ideas and distinct touches in presenting their work while following Pulpa’s objectives of producing artwork that goes beyond the artist’s comfort zone.