Beauty tips for working women

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  • Saturday, 21 Jun 2014

GOING to work does not have to be boring and dreary. Make-up for work should be subtle, natural and easy enough for you to complete it while in a rush but this does not mean you have to hide all the colours from your make-up palette.

The best make-up look for any workplace should be one that enhances your features and not hide who you are.

No matter the shape and size of your body, the tone of your skin and your facial concerns, there’s always a way to enhance your beauty to give you a boost of confidence while at work.

When you feel good about yourself from the inside out, you will feel more confident at work.

Metro Online Broadcast speaks to L’Oreal consumer products division assistant product manager Sharmini Kumar-Sandhu to learn a few make-up tips for working women.

1. Keep skin clean

Our skin is like a canvas, Sharmini said. Taking it as an analogy, a canvas has to be clean with no rough surfaces before painting, to ensure that the finishing colours will stand out better.

3. Bigger eyes: For women who have concerns about their eyes, you can opt to use a white eyeliner on your lower waterline to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. MOB's beauty tips for career women. RAYMOND OOI/ The Star
For women who have concerns about their eyes, you can opt to use a white eyeliner on your lower lashline to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

The same goes for skin. It is vital to start applying make-up on a fresh, clean and moisturised face. Make-up will come off easily and colours would be dull if you’ve not cleansed off the oil on your skin.

Using moisturiser will also help smoothen make-up application and if it is not used, your skin surface will be rough and dry, leaving make-up looking uneven and unpolished.

It’s also important for you to ensure that all the make-up is removed once the day is done.

2. Choose the right foundation

When trying out a new foundation colour, most women turn to their hands to see if the foundation and their skin colour matches. This is a common mistake.

The right way to choose a suitable foundation colour is to apply some on the side of your jaw.

Choose a foundation colour that is closest to your natural skin tone as it’s meant to enhance your natural beauty.

Choosing the wrong shade could lead to an unappealing difference in skin tones between your neck, face, ears and hands.

3. Eyeliner and mascara

Make-up for work should not be heavy.

Your natural beauty can be enhanced with just a simple application of eyeliner and mascara. These will brighten up your eyes and make you look more alert, especially when you’re feeling the Monday blues.

Makeup matching outfit: From her day look, copywriter Abiseshana has chosen to use a long colourful dress which is perfect for the night out too. To top up her look for the night, she has on metallic gold eyeshadow to match her dress and thicker shade of eyeliner. MOB's beauty tips for career women. RAYMOND OOI/ The Star
To transform day make- up for a night out, you can apply metallic gold eyeshadow and a thicker shade of eyeliner.

For women with smaller eyes, Sharmini advises using white eyeliner on your lower lashlines to give your eyes more definition. Skip the coloured eyeliners at work and use it instead for a bolder look after hours, when you’re having a night out with friends.

4. Adding colour to your eyes

Black smoky eyes and bright eyeshadows may not be appropriate for the workplace.

You wouldn’t want your eye colour to be a distraction at work. If you feel the need to add colour to your eyes, earth tones are more suitable for the office. The right eyeshadow colour can add dimension to your eyes and enhance your look.

If you feel the need to add a little pop of colour, do so on special occasions or casual Fridays.

5. Pucker up

For your lips, focus on one colour. If you are unsure what style suits you best, then stick to a natural colour. There is no shade that you should avoid, as long as it matches your skin tone, you’re fine!

When choosing a colour for your lips, always pick a lipstick colour that is two shades darker than the inside of your lips.

5. Pucker up: Lipstick for work does not have to stand out. For a casual work day, Abiseshana is going with minimal makeup- foundation to even out her skin tone, eyeliner to make her eyes pop and finishing off her look with sweet pink lipstick with Maybelline's Colour Show Lipstick Pink Paradise. MOB's beauty tips for career women. RAYMOND OOI/ The Star
For a casual work day, go with minimal make- up — foundation, eyeliner and sweet pink lipstick.

Avoid using shimmery lip gloss or bold colours like purple or black. Your lip colour should not be distracting; you want people to be listening to you and not staring at your bright purple lips.

For a more professional look, go for nude colours and if you want to bring more energy to your face, then go for a suitable bright lipstick. Remember to pick something that will match your skin colour. A warm skin tone can carry coral and brown lipsticks while a cool skin tone can embrace hot pink, subdued reds or berry shades.

For a longer-lasting lip colour while at work, choose a matte lipstick, so that you won’t have to re-apply lipstick every so often.

6. Shape your eyebrows

Your eyebrows are the ultimate statement pieces on your face. It not only frames your face but also transforms your look in an instant. If you are drawing your eyebrows, follow the shape of your face. If you have a round face, you might want to have eyebrows with higher arches to make your face slimmer. If you have a square face, thicker and bolder eyebrows will take the attention away from your visible jawline.

7. Matching outfit with make-up

There are times when work hours are extended. There are business functions, dinners with colleagues and sometimes a fun night out with friends right after work. This leaves little room for you to wash off your day make-up to apply your night look.

Instead of rushing to apply new make-up, why not take the easy way out by adding a few colours to give your look a boost.

If you’ve gone with an earthy toned eyeshadow for your day look, applying a smoky colour or a new colour eyeshadow that blends well with your outfit should do the trick. Now that you’re out and about, you can also whip out your bright lipstick and coloured eyeliner and enjoy your night.