Project to donate solar-powered bulbs to Haiyan survivors

iMKIRAN plans to donate a minimum of 1,000 Nokero solar power bulbs to two villages, namely Crossing Lais and Loguingot.

iMKIRAN plans to donate a minimum of 1,000 Nokero solar power bulbs to two villages, namely Crossing Lais and Loguingot.

TWO organisations have teamed up to help villagers in the Philippines use a safer method to light up their homes in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

iMKIRAN, a photography and social media platform, and international NGO United Sikhs are carrying out the “Give Them Light” project that supplies solar-powered light bulbs to the Crossing Lais and Loguingut villages in Panay Island, located 500km from Manila.

The typhoon had left a trail of destruction.

The local government has reinstated electricity in the main towns, but it is expected to take another three to six months for the rural areas to regain their power supply.

The villagers, who are mainly fishermen, live in temporary shelters that leak when it rains, with limited food supply and without light after 6pm.

The villagers of Crossing Lais and Loguingut had been using self-made kerosene lamps from reusable bottles as their only source of light, said iMKIRAN founder and photographer Kiranjit Singh.

Kerosene lamps emit high levels of particulates which are hazardous to your health.
Kerosene lamps emit high levels of particulates that are hazardous to health.

Aware of the potential risks to health and property posed by usage of kerosene, iMKIRAN wanted to introduce an alternative.

After a survey for the best solar light bulbs, the project organisers settled on Nokero Crestone Solar Light Bulb as the most economical.

Nokero (short for “No Kerosene”) designs and manufactures affordable and environmentally-friendly solar-based products and it is suitable for the villagers’ daily use.

Under the Give Them Light project, every purchase of Nokero N200 Crestone solar light will help light up the homes and shelters of families in the villages.

“The children will be able to read, eat and play, mothers will be able to feed their babies and get to spend quality time with their families,”

Panay Island is home to almost four million people and was devastated by Hurrican Huayan.
Panay Island is home to almost four million people and was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

“They have a church, a school, a common area, a basketball court and shelters they are calling home for now,” said Kiranjit Singh.

He added that iMKIRAN planned to donate a minimum of 1,000 Noreko solar power bulbs to the villages of Crossing Lais and Loguingot.

The Nokero Crestone Solar light bulb cost RM45 and will be shipped directly to the villages once the project has met its goal.

Purchase the Nokero Solar Bulbs online via the website or follow the project via their facebook fan page

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