Council to review Taman Malim Jaya roundabout

The hazardous crossroad of Malim Jaya

The hazardous crossroad of Malim Jaya

MALACCA: Malacca Historic City Council (MBMB) will look into ways of solving a “fatal” crossroads located a few metres away from a busy roundabout in Taman Malim Jaya, here.

MBMB Councilor, Roland Gan who also sits on the traffic committee said the crossroads between Jalan Tun Fatimah and Malim Jaya 2 and Jalan Berkat 10 is dangerous.

Gan said he was concerned for the safety of frequent drivers and those unfamiliar with the area during a press conference last Wednesday.

Working together with the Malim Jaya Security and Development Committee (JKKB) and Malim Jaya Residents’ Welfare Association, Gan revealed that he would propose some solutions to MBMB traffic committee in the next meeting.

“Among my proposals are to prevent motorists from Jalan Berkat 10 from turning right at the crossroads on Jalan Tun Fatimah,” he added.

According to Malim Jaya Residents Welfare Association president Soh Teck Chiow who was present during the working visit said a fatal accident had occurred at the hazardous crossroads.

Malim Jaya JKKB representative, Poong Ah Kau who is also a committee member said the matter would be brought to the attention of its committee during its weekly meeting.

MBMB Publicity Officer, Tan Jeok Kwang said he had received several complaints about the crossroads that allows motorists to turn left or right at any juncture.