Visually impaired student targets straight As for PMR

Last minute readings: English College students conducting last minute revisions before taking their PMR exam.

Last minute readings: English College students conducting last minute revisions before taking their PMR exam.

JOHOR BARU: Visually impaired from birth, Lukman Al Hakim Ghazali sees his shortcoming as not an obstacle to become an architect one day.

The 16-year-old student from Maktab Rendah Sultan Abu Bakar or better known as English College (EC) hopes to achieve his dream by scoring straight As in his PMR examinations.

Lukman pointed out that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his two older siblings who are currently studying at local universities here.

“I want to make my parents proud and repay them for taking care of me,” he said when met at the school here recently.

He added that although he could not see clearly, his condition only encouraged him to work hard for a better future.

English College student Lukman Al Hakim Ghazali hopes to achieved a good result in his PMR exam. Pic by LIM CHENG KIAT/The Star
Lukman Al Hakim Ghazali

Lukman also said that his parents and teachers gave him encouragement to excel in his studies.

“Besides attending tuition, the school also provide extra classes for those taking examinations this year and I believe nothing is impossible if we work hard for our dream,” he said.

Meanwhile EC principal Samsudin Md Ariff said the school targets at least 100 Form Three students scoring straight As in this year PMR examination.

He added that the school would be celebrating its 100-year anniversary next year and since this would be the last PMR exam in the country, EC wanted to excel by outperforming other schools in the state.

Samsudin also said that about 157 students would be taking their PMR exams in the school.

“Last year about 66 students scored straight As and we wanted to achieve an even better result this time around,” he said adding that the school conducted extra classes and special prayers for students taking part in PMR and SPM exams.

When contacted, Johor Education Department director Mohd Nor A Ghani said a total of 55,620 students are sitting for the exams in 387 centres statewide.

He added that this was a decrease of 2,518 students compared to last year.