Malaysian actresses get all glammed up

JUST like diamonds, pearls are also a girl’s best friend. In an effort to promote local talent, Rafflesia Pearl Centre collaborated with Albert King’s Couture and glammed up five top local Tamil drama actresses in beautiful dresses and pearls for a tea reception hosted at Parkroyal Hotel Kuala Lumpur recently.

The actresses were Raja Ilya Raja Muhamad, Jasmine Michael, Pearlija Jraj, Kristina Vinokree and Anu Ramamoorthy, all of whom have made a mark in the local Tamil television industry.

Raja Ilya, Jasmine and Anu wore specially designed ballerina tutu dresses inspired by Albert King, who is known as the “King of Malaysian Couture”.

“These dresses are special as they have never been featured before. The three dresses also feature unique horizontal lines across the skirt.

“Raja Ilya wore a glamorous black and gold ensemble, which featured polka dot tutu fabric with lace on the bust and bodyline.

“Jasmine donned a nude-coloured dress with French lace on the top and on the tafetta skirt, while Anu wore a turqoise lace dress with corset and beaded french lace on the body and tafetta skirt,” King said.

Pearlija and Kristina wore long and elegant dresses.

“These are dresses that have already been on the runway. Pearlija wore a fully sequined drape-style dress in bronze while Kristina wore a puff tafetta gown with a touch of French lace,” he added.

All the girls wore matching pearls by Rafflesia to complete their look.