GE13: Chance for Baram folk to move forward, says greenhorn

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  • Thursday, 18 Apr 2013

KUCHING: Barisan Nasional’s Baram candidate Anyi Ngau, the ex-Limbang District Officer, said controversies over the building of the Baram dam would be dealt with within the law.

“The Government always has the strategy,” Anyi told reporters yesterday, when asked regarding resistance to the proposed dam. “There are always laws,” he added, declining to comment further.

On whether he thought the proposed mega project would be one of the key issues to be used by the Opposition in its campaign, Anyi, who is one of the six first-time Barisan candidates in the general election in Sarawak, said: “We’ll see.”

Anyi, a SPDP member, was confirmed as Barisan’s candidate for Baram, which has 29,498 eligible voters, on Tuesday. His candidacy was largely unexpected. Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan, the Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister, had served Baram for four terms since the ninth general election.

Sagan began his political career with SNAP, when it was still with Barisan Nasional. Following SNAP’s troubles, he left and became a founding member of SPDP in 2002.

He is intimately involved with the planning for the Baram dam. He serves as the chairman of Baram Hydroelectric Project Community Consultative Committee.

Anyi is expected to face PKR’s Roland Engan for the constituency, which includes the state seats of Marudi and Telang Usan. Roland, a pastor, is PKR’s deputy branch chief in Baram.

Anyi said he was “confident” of his winning chances. “Everyone who goes into the race should be confident and with good levels of support,” he told reporters, speaking after the unveiling of the state Barisan manifesto.

“I think this is an opportunity for the Baram people to move forward with the other communities.

“This is the best opportunity to continue development progress, what has been done in the previous years, this is the continuation. I have all the confidence that Baram voters with their wisdom will vote wisely.”

Asked about his plans if elected for the next five years, Anyi said he would adhere to “what has been planned”, and carry out what had been promised within the national and state Barisan manifestos.

“We’ll have to ensure the manifestos, in the event that we are elected, must be delivered.”