Foundation aims at providing sound advice to female entrepreneurs

PROPERTY guru and investment specialist Marco Robinson recently launched the Female Entrepreneurship Made Easy (FEME) Foundation.

Robinson, who comes from a broken home, said he founded FEME as he had first-hand experience in witnessing how difficult it was for women to start their own business.

“As a child of a broken home, I know only too well how that feels from a child’s perspective. It was hard for me to see my mum struggling to raise me; working many hours and jobs just to survive,” said Robinson, who is also the author of Know When To Close The Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich.

The foundation helps underprivileged women start their own businesses by offering advice on capital and providing mentorship.

“I chose women because I feel they have it much harder than men as they have to juggle many more responsibilities than men in any society,” said the proud member of the billionaire boys club.

“Most women do not need help to raise huge sums of start-up capital. They need to have coaches. It is like having an effective mentor that can hold their hand through all the potential pitfalls of operating business and of course, succeeding in one,” explained Robinson.

Robinson added that since the pre-launch of the foundation, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal and many women are striving to achieve financial freedom.

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