Sports presenter joins industry by accident

SHE is the one woman that most men want to see every night.

Her name is Colette Wong and she is the anchor for Fox Sports Central on Fox Sports, bringing the latest from the world of sports to viewers across Asia.

A familiar figure before on ESPN’s popular flagship sports news programme SportsCenter Asia, Wong’s vibrant on-screen personality, professionalism and versatility has made her a fan favourite, having covered live sports events such as the live match presentation for the Football Association of Football’s S-League and the World Netball Championship 2011.

Born and bred in Singapore, Wong obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Economics from the University College in Dublin, Ireland, and her entry into broadcast journalism was by accident.

“I came back for holidays and I wanted a part-time gig to gain some experience and make some money.

“It so happened that TV12 was looking for a sports journalist for its new section and the producer back then told me to apply for the job,” said Wong, who joined TV12 in 1996.

Wong has always been a fan of sports as she grew up with two brothers. She was active as well as she did track and field, hockey, softball and tennis growing up.

Following her stint with TV12, Wong moved to Media Corp’s Sports City. However, Wong, who is always looking for a challenge, wanted to try something new and moved to CNBC to do general news.

“I wanted to try something different. As much as I liked sports, I wanted to see how other broadcasters operated,” explained Wong.

She spent three years covering news before making her way back to sports in 2004 with ESPN.

She was hired to co-present Formula 1 fortnightly and whenever SportsCentre needed a filler, she would jump in.

Wong, who is a working mother, said it was important for women to have a good support system around them to have a balanced lifestyle.

“I have two kids aged seven and five, and I try to spend as much time as I can with them. My mum helps me if I have to travel for work. I also have a helper,” said Wong.

When asked what she would be doing now if she wasn’t in broadcasting, Wong said: “I always wanted to run a sandwich bar. I spent three years in Ireland and I always thought the sandwiches there were so much better than the ones in Singapore.”

Besides Fox Sports Central, Wong also presents on Golf Focus, the weekly golf ma- gazine programme that features the latest news and highlights, and reviews of golf equipment and courses.

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