Repair bills can be reimbursed

MOST of the vacant public housing units in Taman Putra Damai PPR in Lembah Subang and Kota Damansara PPR in Section 8 are uninhabitable but the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is adamant in offering the units to tenants, who would be required to get the repairs done on their own.

However, upon completion of the repairs, the tenants will be allowed to claim for reimbursement.

Petaling Jaya mayor Datin Paduka Alinah Ahmad said tenants who qualified for the public housing were required to carry out the repairs and submit the bill to the council for reimbursement.

“Our officers will confirm the repairs that need to be carried out. New tenants can appoint their contractors to restore the apartments and submit a claim once all work is completed.

“One reason for this approach is to encourage tenants to keep the apartments in good condition,” she said.

On the issue of MBPJ charging tenants even before they move in and also charging tenants who have moved out, Alinah said she would liaise with the evaluation and asset management department to conduct an audit.

On Tuesday, StarMetro front-paged the news of Taman Putra Damai PPR in Lembah Subang and Kota Damansara public housing projects where units had been vandalised and left in a bad state. The story also highlighted the indiscriminate dumping in the area.

On the rotting domestic waste, Alinah ordered the council’s health department to carry out an immediate clean-up and wash the staircases to maintain proper hygiene.

Alinah added that she planned to get the various department directors involved to come up with an action plan to resolve the vandalism problems at both public housing projects.

“We have to come up with opportunity reduction ideas where we use materials that are resistant to scratching, improved lighting with embedded designs, regular security patrols and community awareness programmes.

“Most of the vandalism is premeditated with the metal and aluminium fittings removed for scrap. We will come up with strategies to curb vandals from going in to damage our properties,” she said.

“The lifts are also damaged and not useable. We have to repair the lifts and raise the quality of life here,” she said.

MBPJ public relations officer Zainun Zakaria said the council’s technicians would inspect the lifts and decide on the next course of action. Yesterday, the only functioning lift at the public housing project was out of order for three hours.

“We had spent close to RM1mil late last year to repair the lifts but vandals had damaged it again,” Zainun said.

On the residents request that the state government build rubbish chutes to ease the disposal of domestic waste from the high rise flat, health, plantation workers, poverty and caring government committee chairman Dr A. Xavier Jayakumar said he would discuss the matter with MBPJ and the state.

“I was not aware that the flats did not have rubbish chutes. For 12 floors, the residents need such facilities but I have to get feedback from MBPJ’s engineers,” he said.