Today’s toddlers and kids are in tune with technology

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  • Saturday, 02 Jun 2012

TECHNOLOGY has no doubt brought about the luxury of convenience.

Now, emails can be read on the go, television programmes can be viewed anywhere without a television set, anyone can be a photographer and group chats can go on forever.

And with iPad, life just got better.

Judging by the long queues every time a new model is released and by the growing number of applications available for iPad, one can tell that people are generally pretty hooked on this gadget. Even the kids.

Have you seen those tiny tots manoeuvring an iPad like a pro while you and I had only just figured out where the turn on button is?

They tap on the screen furiously like they have got important tasks to accomplish while we slowly find our way around the apps available.

I have a schooling cousin who spends most, if not all, of her free time on iPad baking cakes, building hotels, paving the runway, dressing models, fixing pipes, escaping from temples, designing gowns, drawing things and guessing movie taglines all while scrolling through 9gag and watching videos on YouTube.

Talk about multi-tasking. I don’t think anyone can claim to be more efficient in life.

And the users are getting younger. Even a two-year-old knows how to operate the iPad (shame on you adults who keep coming up with excuses not to learn how to use these gadgets).

Children automatically know what to do when faced with the iPad.

Their fingers swipe across the screen confidently and tap on the wanted application with much purpose.

Their eyes are focused on the screen and they really couldn’t care less what else goes on around them.

Did I mention that crying toddlers can also be hushed with iPad?

Apple must have forgotten to market iPad as a nanny tool as it could have netted in larger sales.

A friend once told me that she had put a glossy magazine on a toddler’s lap and to her horror, he immediately put his finger on the cover and made sliding motions to get to the next page.

It seems kiddo got to know e-books before traditional paperbacks.

Talk about being advance and living the high-tech life. You can’t start them any younger.

And as the education sector tries to keep up with the times, there are talks of plans to convert all textbooks into iPad applications so kids don’t have to lug big bags to school anymore. Sounds like a great idea.

They’ll never have to write again too and teachers won’t have to complain about bad handwriting.

Heck, kids won’t even need to learn how to write or hold a pen ever again.

They just need to type faster.

Technology has certainly made things more convenient and easier in life.

Remember in the movie Wall-E, where some time in the distant future, people didn’t need to do anything anymore because technology did everything for them and the only thing they did was lie on a mobile chair all day until they forgot how to use their legs?

Yup, doesn’t look like such a distant future now.

With the availability of technology today, everything has changed.

I also remember conversations with teenagers who didn’t know that ‘application’ actually means something else other than apps on the iPhone and iPad.

You really don’t know whether to laugh or cry in such situations.

Indeed, the iPad has changed everything.

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