Hearing-impaired man shares his success formula

A HEARING-IMPAIRED man, who has just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, describes his recipe for success as sheer determination and family support.

Alex Teaw, 23, said his parents gave him all their support and attention after he was diagnosed with incurable hearing problems when he was four years old.

“I use a hearing aid and my parents taught me to read in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

“I am proud to say that I can speak both languages now,” he said this after getting his scroll at the Aimst University 4th Convocation in Kedah.

A total of 347 people graduated, including eight with a master’s degree in Biotechnology.

They received their scrolls from Aimst University chancellor Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

Teaw, who graduated with honours, said he hoped to go on for a master’s in Biotechnology, focusing on research on curing hearing disabilities.

He said when he first enrolled at the university, he had difficulties grasping the subjects taught but he overcame the problem with the help from his lecturers and friends.

“Some lecturers gave their lectures without any slideshow and that made me completely lost.

“Luckily, they understood my problem and provided me with notes at the beginning of their lectures for me to read,” he said.

Teaw, the youngest of three siblings, hoped his success would inspire others with the same difficulty not to give up hope on furthering their studies.

His father, Teoh Seng Yau, 63, said he and his wife decided to move to Sungai Petani from Petaling Jaya after his son was accepted at the university.

“My son was determined to further his studies in biotechnology and as parents, we do what we can to support him. We are very proud of his achievement,” Teoh said.

Lim Wan Ying, 22, from Gelugor in Penang, was given the Gold Medal award for her academic achievements during the event on Saturday.

Lim, who graduated with Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (honours), said she hoped to pursue the Master of Science in Biotechnology programme.

The eldest of two siblings said giving full attention during classes was important to understand a subject clearly.

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