Fire safety workshop for 150 kids

KUANTAN: It is sad that many children die due to smoke inhalation during a fire. this, however, can be prevented if children are taught measures to take in the event of a fire. with this objective in mind, a children’s safety awareness programme was recently organised by the malaysian volunteer fire and rescue association (mvfra) and it was sponsored by cimb bank under its community link programme.

The Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop at Berjaya Megamall here attracted about 150 children aged between five and 11.

The children took part in seven activities with supervision by 30 trainers and volunteers from MVFRA and CIMB Bank.

Sweettreat: Theparticipantsenjoying icecreamsduring theworkshop.

One the activities called “Fireman Drag’’ required two participants and one of them had his hands tied with a blanket while the other placed the bound person’s hands over his or her neck and dragged him to safety.

Other activities conducted were “Stop, Drop and Roll’’, “Escape Drill in the House’’, “Crawl Low Under the Smoke’’, “Crowd Ball”, “Escape Grill Exercise” and “Fireman Endurance Race”.

According to MVFRA founder Captain K. Balasupramaniam, the interactive activities were designed to suitthe young participants.

They were also taught how to crawl properly and stay low under the smoke as well as unlock padlocks blindfolded, he added.

”They are actually willing listeners and easy to teach,“ he said.

The workshop, first initiated by him in 1996, had trained more than 60,000 children nationwide but the programme has yet to reach those in Sabah and Sarawak, Balasupramanian said.

In control: Four children taking part in the the ‘Fireman Endurance Race’ during the firesafety workshop.

He added that this was because of a lack of sponsors.

”If there are corporate bodies willing to sponsor us to go to Sabah and Sarawak, we will train the children there,” he said.

”Activities like this are common in the UK,’’ he said.

He also said the trainers and volunteers were multi-racial and communication would not be a problem.

”To know more about MVFRA, visit their website at or call Bala­supramaniam at 016-2223 853.