Educating young cyclists on road safety

LeRun Industries Sendirian Berhad recently launched a cycling safely programme at 1-Utama Shopping Centre.  

LeRun teamed up with Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (MVFRA) to conduct the programme.  

The programme received overwhelming response from the public, especially students. 

Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association chairman K. Balasupramaniam and LeRun's managing director, Liew Keng Yap initiated the “Cycle Safely Programme'' with the aim of educating cyclists on the importance of road safety awareness as well as educate them to be defensive road users.  

“We are glad that we are able to contribute to society and be part of the programme. Besides educating the children on road safety awareness, a mobile-bicycle skill riding track was set up for participants to undergo an interesting practical session on correct cycling skills. We also noticed that after these young cyclists joined the programme, they are more cautious and alert when on the road. Without a doubt, this fun and educational programme will help save their lives,” said Liew. 

The programme was divided into a few categories. First, the participants had to go through a cycle safely briefing and then sit for the cycling test. After that, they had to make sure their attire was suitable for cycling, such as have helmets, elbow pad, knee pad and other items. Then only were they allowed to head to the cycling track which consists of a roundabout, snake track, bumpy track, curve bump and others.  

Participants received certificates from the MVFRA and those who passed the entire test received a helmet under the Bicycle Helmet Initiative programme.  

“Other than knowing how to ride safely, bicycles play an important role, too. Many parents fail to understand this and opt to buy cheaper bicycles instead.  

“If a bicycle is really cheap, then it is dangerous as the safety features and durability of the bicycle are very important factors. Quality does not come with very low prices as there are always standard manufacturing costs involved. Some manufacturers use cheaper and less durable components for their products to sustain the lower prices. Invest a little bit more for the safety of your loved ones,” said Liew.