‘School band performance of world standard’

THEY are neither movie stars nor rock stars.They are also not Malaysian Idol or AkademiFantasia stars. They are only students. 

Yet the crowd went wild when they marched to the beat of drums and sounds of trumpets and bagpipes with precision and style. 

SMJK Katholik brass band is tops.

The crowd turned more boisterous every time a drum major tossed a baton in the air. 

The students were participating in the 2005 National Level High School Brass Band Competition in Penang on Wednesday. 

SMJK Katholik emerged champion. The first and second runnersup were SMJK Nam Hwa and SMK Victoria, respectively. 

Even the judges were of the opinion that some of the performances were of world standard. 

Chief judge Mahmud Arshad, who led a team of eight judges, was full of praise for some of the teams. 

“However, I cannot say that of others,’’ he said during the competition held at Penang International Sports Arena. 

One of the SMK Victoria team members playing the bagpipe.

The competition attracted 12 bands from the various states. 

SMK Victoria, Kuala Lumpur; SM Bantuan St Joseph, Sarawak; SMJK Nam Hwa, Perak; SMJK Katholik, Selangor; SMJK Chung Hwa Wei Sin, Terengganu and SMJK Jit Sin, Penang were the six that made the finals. 

Mahmud said the weak bands should improve on their technical and artistic skills. 

The technical skills, he said, encompassed harmony of sound, balance and pitch while artistic talents involved synchronised movements, posture, style. 

Education Ministry general Tan Sri said SMJK Katholik had set a very high standard in brass performance others to use as benchmark.Its performance was indeed outstanding. The students kept the audience in awe throughout their performance. 

SMK Victoria band captivated the audiencewith their versatility. The bagpipemusic added charm to their performance.