Junior athletes on the right track


The results achieved by Malaysia at junior level seem to indicate that the country is on the right track in athletics. 

In the 12th International Little Athletics Meet, held at the National Sports Council (NSC) track in Bukit Jalil last weekend, defending champions Malaysia again fended off Western Australia and Singapore to retain the title. 

Malaysia finished on top with a medal haul of 29 gold, 19 silver and 20 bronze medals. 

Western Australia ended second followed by Singapore in the tri-nation meet.  

Triple jumper Mohd Akmal Ariff put Malaysia ahead of Western Australia in the medal tally when he won the 14th gold medal for the hosts in the boys’ Under-14 category. 

Mohd Harizul (centre) warding off the challenge from Jarrod Smith (left) and Jared Bezuidenhout to win the boys’ Under-14 100m in 11.3.

NSC development director Md Ghazali Hasan said the meet had helped to gauge the effectiveness of athletics development programmes carried out at junior level. 

“The results achieved at the Little Athletics Meet give us a good indication whether we are heading on the right track.  

“The results also reveal the junior athletes who have not been performing,” added Ghazali, who is also the secretary for the eight core sports in the steering committee. 

Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) assistant principal for students’ affairs Suhaimi Sun Abdullah gave credit to the NSC’s Tunas Cemerlang programme for the results produced by Malaysia’s junior athletes.  

“The success of the NSC’s Tunas Cemerlang programme has been reflected in the results achieved by the junior athletes in this meet,” said Suhaimi, who pointed out that Malaysia had also been the overall champions of the meet in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004. 

Singapore, represented by 24 girls and 22 boys, showed signs of improvement when their athletes broke three meet records. 

Singapore captain Stefan Tseng Ke Chen leaped 14.73m to erase the old mark of 14.22m in the boys’ Under-15 triple jump. Tseng, who trains under Valeri Obidoko, also bettered his personal best of 14.32m.  

“I returned to competition this year after recovering from a back injury. This meet gave me a chance to gauge my performance,” said Tseng, who also won the long jump. 

In the girls’ Under-15 100m, Balpreet Kaur Purba broke the meet record when she won in 12.3. Malaysia’s Nik Nor Azura and Lau Chew Yong shared the previous record of 12.5. 

Balpreet shaved 0.45 off her personal best that she registered at the Singapore National Junior Athletics Meet in April. 

“I did not expect to break the record. I guess the structured training over the past one-and-a-half years at the Singapore Sports School helped,” said Balpreet.  

Singaporeans Yvonne Lim Cui Wen and Chua Kai Leng blitzed the field in the girls’ Under-14 1,500m race for a one-two finish. Lim and Chua clocked 4:55.9 and 4:56.3 respectively bettering the old mark of 4:58.7. 

In the girls’ Under-15 category, the stronger finish of the Western Australian quarter-milers denied Malaysia the gold medal in the 400m. 

Jannelle Jurgenson outran Teong Sui Mei while Ray Williams had the better Muhammad Hazman in the last two legs to hand Australia the victory.  

Until today, Western Australia hold the girls’ Under-15 400m record. Holder Renee Poetschka, who competed in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, set the 59.1 mark way back in 1986. 

Malaysia hit back in the boys’ century sprint. 

Mohd Harizul, a student from SMK Jalan Kolam Air, Batu Pahat, fended off the challenges from the Australians to win the boys’ Under-14 100m gold medal in 11.3. 

Malaysia dominated the podium in the boys’ Under-15 100m when Mohd Nursyariffuddin, Mohd Firdaus Mansor (10.9) and Mohd Muzzahir (11.3) claimed the top three spots. 

Bandar Penawar Sports School (BPSS) Form 3 student Mohd Nursyariffuddin improved on his personal best when he ran 10.9 on the outside lane. He did 11.0 in the National Junior Athletics Championship on the same track last month. 

In the boys’ Under-14 category, Malaysia set a new record of 3:39.7 in the 4 x 400m. The previous record of 4:08.85 was held by Western Australia. 

The boys’ Under-15 4 x 400m record of 3:28.8, held by Malaysia since 1997, was bettered by four quartets.  

Malaysia “B” led the act to win in 3:23.3 followed by Western Australia “A” (3:37.8), Malaysia “A” (3:40.0) and Singapore (3:45.3). 

A total of eight meet records were shattered in the two-day competition.  

The three other records rewritten by Western Australia athletes – Alanna Doig in the girls’ Under-14 800m (2:20.8), Christine Keeley in the girls’ Under-15 100m hurdles (14.7) and Jarrod Smith in the boys’ Under-14 100m hurdles (13.1). 

RESULTS (Malaysia unless stated) 



Discus: 1. Ngu Mee Zing 32.26, 2. Jocelyn Yeo Suk Ting (Spore) 29.84, 3. Ashleigh Bailey (WA) 28.89 

80m Hurdles: 1. Felnidah Lok Lassim 12.5, 2. Jessica Alexander (WA) 12.8, 3. Amira Natasha 13.2 

400m: 1. Allana Doig (WA) 59.7, 2. Dipna Lim Prasad (Spore) 59.9, 3. Nurul Faizah Asma 63.2 

Long Jump: 1. Saskia Valenti (WA) 4.92m, 2. Mariam Shazana Jalludin (Spore) 4.91m, 3. Courtney Stubbs (WA) 4.82m 

Javelin: 1. Rebekah Millard (WA) 34.27m, 2. Nurhidaya Roslan 29.02m, 3. Chua Mei Ling (Spore) 28.82m 

100m: 1. Nur Amalina Nyadia (Spore) 12.5, 2. Kee Siew Len 12.7, 3. Zoe Salem (WA) 13.0 

1,500m: 1. Yvonne Lim Cui Wen (Spore) 4:55.9 (NR), 2. Chua Kai Leng (Spore) 4:56.3, 3. Alanna Doig (WA) 5:12.5 

4X100m: 1. Singapore 50.7, 2. Malaysia 51.1, 3. Western Australia 51.7 

High Jump: 1. Norliyana Kamarudin 1.58m, 2. Malalin Rogers (WA) 1.52m, 3. Taina Siying Teravainen (Spore) 1.46m 

Shot Put: 1. Ashleigh Bailey (WA) 12.80m, 2. Jocelyn Yeo Suk Ting (Spore) 12.61m, 3. Ngu Mee Zing 12.40m 

200m Hurdles: 1. Felnidiah Lok Lassim 31.3, 2. Jessica Alexander (WA) 31.5, 3. Amira Natasha 33.3  

1,500m Walk: 1. Marie Decker (WA) 7:36.4, 2. Amy Roddy (WA) 7:43.8, 3. Song Gie Chee 7:52.3 

200m: 1. Nur Amalina Nyadia (Spore) 26.8, 2. Syazwana 27.1, 3. Kee Siew Lian 27.2  

800m: 1. Alanna Doig (WA) 2:20.8 (NR), 2. Chua Khai Leng (Spore) 2:22.3, 3. Yvonne Lin Cui Wen (Spore) 2:23.1 

Triple Jump: 1. Gail Chia Yue Ling (Spore) 10.81m, 2. Nurul Fatimatul 10.70m, 3. Norliyana Kamarudin 10.50m 

4X400m: 1. Singapore 4:13.0, 2. Malaysia 4:16.5, 3. Western Australia “A” 4:19.3 


Javelin: 1. Phang Hua Mei 33.90m, 2. Amelia Chua Hui Lyn (Spore) 33.08m, 3. Syurnani Sikember 29.26 

100m Hurdles: 1. Christine Keeley (WA) 14.7 (NR), 2. Nurul Shafaini 15.2, 3. Khoo Woan Chen 15.3 

Triple Jump: 1. Paris Keeley (WA) 11.23m, 2. Ng Sha Yee 11.04m, 3. Samantha Gaff (WA) 10.97m 

400m: 1. Jannelle Jurgenson (WA) 60.8, 2. Teong Sui Men 60.9, 3. Kemi Wright (WA) 63.3 

Shot Put: 1. Christine Keeley (WA) 12.20m, 2. Kemi Wright (WA) 12.02m, 3. Foo Sui Ying (Spore) 11.54m 

100m: 1. Balpreet Kaur Purba (Spore) 12.3 (NR), 2. Paris Keeley (WA) 12.5, 3. Christine Keeley (WA) 12.6 

1,500m: 1. S. Sivaneetha 5:05.8, 2. J. Lossini (Spore) 5:13.5, 3. C. Dharshini (Spore) 5:14.3 

4X100m: 1. Western Australia “A” 50.3, 2. Singapore 50.6, 3. Malaysia 52.6 

Long Jump: 1. Paris Keeley (WA) 5.48m, 2. Samantha Gaff (WA) 5.34m, 3. Kemi Wright (WA) 5.15m 

200m Hurdles: 1. Samantha Gaff (WA) 31.2, 2. Christine Keeley (WA) 31.4, 3. Khoo Woan Chen 32.0 

1,500m Walk: 1. Danielle Densley (WA) 7:20.4, 2. Gabrielle D'Agnone (WA) 7:26.5, 3. Norrusuhila 7:47.0 

High Jump: 1. Kemi Wright (WA) 1.63m, 2. Ng Sha Yee 1.51m, 3. Phuah Si Hui (Spore) 1.45m 

Discus: 1. Phang Hua Mei 35.55m, 2. Paris Keeley (WA) 30.85m, 3. Foo Sui Ying (Spore) 28.43m 

200m: 1. Pereira Valerie Seema (Spore) 25.5, 2. Paris Keeley (WA) 25.7, 3. Christine Kelley (WA) 26.1 

800m: 1. Sivaneetha 2:23.1, 2. C. Dharshini (Spore) 2:27.2, 3. J. Lossini (Spore) 2:27.5 

4X400m: 1. Singapore 4:15.3, 2. Australia “B” 4:18.8, 3. Australia “A” 4:23.2 



High Jump: 1. Wayne Yap Kwan Li (Spore) 1.80m, 2. Glenn Ormesher (WA) 1.74m, 3. Dale Fazidli (WA) 1.71m 

100m Hurdles: 1. Jarrod Smith (WA) 13.1 (NR), 2. Abdul Azlan 13.7, 3. Nazri Ishak Mohd (Spore) 13.8 

400m: 1. Kieran King (WA) 53.5, 2. Jared Bezuidenhout (WA) 53.7, 3. Dominique Sarron Le Ru (Spore) 54.9 

Discus: 1. Matthew Cowie (WA) 48.56m, 2. Wong Pak Hieng 44.15m, 3. Gregory Morrow (WA) 40.89 

100m: 1. Mohd Harizul 11.3, 2. Jarrod Smith (WA) 11.4, 3. Jared Bezuidenhout (WA) 11.5 

800m: 1. M. Sathurmurugan 2:07.06, 2. Christopher Chua Wen Ling (Spore) 2:09.6, 3. Shaun Bartlett (WA) 2:11.2 

Triple Jump: 1. Mohd Akmal Ariff 13.57m, 2. Matthew Goh Yu Jie (Spore) 13.10m, 3. Abdul Hadi Hassan 12.62m 

1,500m Walk: 1. M. Jayaseelam 6:49.5, 2. Joshua Spenser (WA) 8:20.8, 3. Timothy Miller (WA) 8:34.2 

4X100m: 1. Western Australia 45.6, 2. Malaysia 45.8, 3. Singapore 46.5 

Javelin: 1. Almukthal Baharun 54.58m, 2. Aaron Smith (WA) 48.16m, 3. Gregory Morrow (WA) 46.54m 

200m Hurdles: 1. Abdul Azlan 26.1, 2. Jarrod Smith (WA) 26.6, 3. Jared Bezuidenhout (WA) 26.9 

Shot Put: 1. Wong Pak Hieng 15.21m, 2. Lim Zhou Yan (Spore) 14.99m, 3. Matthew Cowie (WA) 14.62m 

200m: 1. Abdul Azlan 23.3, 2. Jarrod Smith (WA) 23.6, 3. Dominique Sarron Leery (Spore) 24.4 

Long Jump: 1. Abdul Hadi Hassan 6.35m, 2. Abdul Azlan 6.27m, 3. Matthew Goh Yu Jie (Spore) 6.01m 

1,500m: 1. Sathurmurugan 4:29.4, 2. Adam Bastick (WA) 4:35.8, 3. Dale Fazioli (WA) 4:36.3 

4X400m: 1. Malaysia 3:39.7 (NR), 2. Singapore 3:39.8, 3. Western Australia “A” 3:45.1 


Long Jump: 1. Stefan Tseng Ke Chen (Spore) 6.63m, 2. Mohd Azfar Hanis 6.47m, 3. Mitchell Zilm (WA) 6.45m 

Shot Put: 1. Scott Wong (Spore) 15.46m, 2. Ow Yam Huo (Spore) 15.08, 3. Jesse Jones (WA) 13.92m 

100m Hurdles: 1. Ismail Shafie 13.4, 2. Ray Williams (WA) 13.5, 3. Kelvin Yin Chee Kian (Spore) 13.6 

400m: 1. Ray Williams (WA) 50.6, 2. Muhammad Hazwan 51.2, 3. Mohd Sharil Ayob 52.8 

High Jump: 1. Mohd Naim Azhar 1.90m, 2. Thomas Brennan (WA) 1.87m, =3. Keel Lim Ting Rui (Spore), Poh Yu Shen 1.87m 

100m: 1. Mohd Nursyariffuddin 10.9, 2. Mohd Firdaus Mansor 10.9, 3. Mohd Muzzahir 11.3 

800m: 1. S. Sivam 2:06.2, 2. Callum Dowell (WA) 2:06.9, 3. David Bull (WA) 2:07.3 

1,500m Walk: 1. Azmi Derus 7:03.8, 2. Mohd Azizi Anwar 7:07.3, 3. Scott Shuttleworth (WA) 7:15.7 

4X100m: 1. Malaysia “A” 43.5, 2. Western Australia 44.3, 3. Malaysia “B” 45.3 

Discus: 1. Scott Wong Wei Gen (Spore) 50.51m, 2. Jesse Jones (WA) 45.12m, 3. Bonny Lihan 41.45m 

200m Hurdles: 1. Michael Leask (WA) 26.7, 2. Mc Warrent Dermont (WA) 26.9, 3. Ismail Shafie 27.7 

Triple Jump: 1. Stefan Tseng Ke Chen (Spore) 14.73m (NR), 2. Mohd Naim Azhar 13.28m, 3. Mitchell Zilm (WA) 12.52m 

Javelin: 1. Jesse Jones (WA) 53.92m, 2. Kyle Yappo (WA) 50.68m, 3. Choo Chang J (Spore) 47.24m 

200m: 1. Mohd Firdaus Mansor 22.5, 2. Ray Williams (WA) 22.6, 3. Mohd Nursyariffudin 22.7  

1,500m: 1. Thinagaran 4:26.6, 2. Callum Dowell (WA) 4:27.1, 3. Luke Doecke (WA) 4:27.5 

4X400m: 1. Malaysia “B” 3:23.3 (NR), 2. Western Australia “A” 3:37.8, 3. Malaysia “A” 3:40

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