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Envoy: Moderation begins at home

KUALA LUMPUR: Moderation is a global agenda but it cannot be promoted on the world stage if it is not first practised domestically, says British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell.

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Some using identity to highlight cultural heritage

PETALING JAYA: Those who see themselves as belonging to a racial group or another state are only saying how proud they are of their cultural heritage and where they come from.

Why the obsession over our race? We’re Malaysians

I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since I started my career. Many workplace veterans still think I am young, but fresh graduates and school leavers are already calling me Uncle.

Sabahan first, then a Malaysian

I AM a Sabahan first, then a Malaysian.

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Race first? It’s not racism

PETALING JAYA: Two out of the 10 people who took part in The Star’s moderation survey do not identify themselves as Malaysians first, but here is the good news.

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Taking the road to harmony

Respecting the places of worship of other religion is a big par of interfaith understanding.

Seeing things in a new light: Dr Anwar (centre) sharing his knowledge on the history of St George's Church during The Star Harmony Walk.

Liow: Penang can take over ferry ops ‘in principle’

BUTTERWORTH: The Transport Ministry has agreed in principle to the state government’s proposal to take over the Penang ferry operations.

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Taking pride in being a Malaysian

PETALING JAYA: Those who identify themselves as Malaysian first in The Star Moderation Survey prefer to be seen for their nationality, rather than ethnic group.

Big plus for national identity

PETALING JAYA: An overwhelming seven out of 10 people in The Star’s moderation survey identify themselves as Malaysian first.

Survey on moderation garners over 5,000 responses

PETALING JAYA: A total of 5,070 people took part in The Star Moderation online survey that ran for three weeks from March 21.