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Pak Lah: Muslims believe in moderation

PETALING JAYA: Muslims in Malaysia still believe in the path of moderation and that there must be equal emphasis on finding success in the world and the hereafter.

GMM: Forum should have been allowed

KUALA LUMPUR: Police should have allowed the forum on national issues to proceed, says Global Movement of Moderates CEO Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

Our mindset – all that really matters

One can be Right, Left, Centre, it does not matter as long as what you believe in is right for the country.

Practical approach: Community relations can be enhanced by teaching in the classrooms about moral values that each community preaches and where these values are similar and intermingle.

Starting from the grassroots to help promote tolerance

PETALING JAYA: Worried by the increasing religious tensions in the country, a group of concerned Christian leaders hope to ­promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance through the grassroots.

Lee (left) and Wong talking about the objectives and plans of the Christians for Peace & Harmony in Malaysia.

Confront the ‘bogeymen’

Bring them to the outside world, debate them and tackle them head-on, lawyer Art Harun tells moderate Malaysians.

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Harmony walk in KL

KUALA LUMPUR: Three weeks after the Harmony Street Walk in Penang, a similar visit to various houses of worship has taken place in Brickfields here in another show of support for moderation.

Together as one: The group led by Wong (fourth from left) are seen with Rev Leow (in white robes) and monks in front of the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple in Brickfields.
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The pride that blinds

RECENTLY, the Prime Minister mentioned that liberalism allows Islam to be open for attack. Whether it was a misquote or not, considering misquotes are de rigeur nowadays, let us also not use this to attack the Prime Minister. Let us use it as a means to promote Wasatiyah, in which discussions is allowed without fear or fervour.

Islam does not belong in the extremities of politics whether it be right or left. - Tariq Ismail

Youth is not wasted on this young man

Some may think he is a troublemaker but former Universiti Malaya student leader Fahmi Zainol only wants to speak up for a better, moderate Malaysia.

Let moderation rule us again

There was a time when harmony was just our way of life.

In praise of moderation

Moderation does not mean acceptance of evil. Moderates have a duty to stand up for truth and justice but in a non-violent manner.