No real efforts to end Jalan Kelang Lama jams

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  • Thursday, 06 Dec 2018

A permanent solution is needed for the traffic congestion on Jalan Kelang Lama. — filepic

I REFER to “Crowding up Kelang Lama” (StarMetro, Nov 19).

The Pakatan Harapan Government seems more interested in producing the third national car while ignoring the serious traffic congestion build-up on the roads in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Transport Ministry have also shown little interest in improving the public transport system, especially in suburban areas, including Jalan Kelang Lama.

In September, together with another resident from Taman OUG, I met DBKL officials to highlight issues related to traffic congestion along Jalan Kelang Lama.

I was taken aback when the DBKL official allowed the developer’s representatives to attend the meeting. Most of our enquiries about the traffic congestion were answered by the developer’s representatives as the DBKL senior official seemed to be in the dark.

Later, I was told by people familiar with the situation that DBKL listens mostly to the views of the developers and not the rakyat.

If nothing is done, more people living and working around this area will be forced to buy vehicles because of the bad traffic jams and poor public transport system, further compounding the problem.

The traffic jams on Jalan Kelang Lama occur in both directions. One is from the OUG junction (near Pearl Point) heading to Petaling Jaya via Jalan Templer.

The bottleneck occurs daily at the junction of Jalan Kelang Lama/Jalan Templer because at that point, vehicles slow down to allow PJ-bound traffic from two directions to go through.

The other major congestion point is KL-bound due to cars being parked in a haphazard manner or joining from other roads into Jalan Kelang Lama.

I have forwarded several suggestions to improve the situation until a permanent solution can be found but there seems to be a lack of commitment from DBKL.

They have neither acknowledged nor responded to the earlier meeting and the suggestions we made.

Previously, there was a plan for a major upgrade of Jalan Kelang Lama but due to budget constraints, it was not implemented fully.

At the 6th mile (PJ-bound), four lanes were reduced to two and the link between Jalan Kelang Lama and the elevated highway was cancelled, resulting in the elevated highway being underutilised

I moved to Taman OUG in the early 1970s and even then, traffic along Jalan Kelang Lama was increasing.

More condominiums are being built which will lead to even worse traffic jams in the coming days.


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