Focus on success, not flesh

Shame on men who sexualise and objectify Selena Gomez

WHAT? Selena Gomez too sexy? Come on lah youth section of certain political party, find something else to do.

As a guy, I wish to say that men must not pass judgement on women regrsding sexual issues. It is their bodies.

How would we feel if women started telling us how to dress? What if they tell us we cannot go to the beach without wearing full-body wetsuits? Or tell us how we cannot style our hair a certain way?

What if they start to discriminate us over tattoos on our bodies? Or tell us we cannot participate in certain sports? Or that we should be disciplined physically? What if they start illogically blaming us for crimes that we are actually victims of?

A lot of men are hypocrites. They will think ill of women who dress appealingly but secretly harbour fantasies themselves. These are men who think some women deserve to be raped: That rape is victim’s own fault, and not the rapist’s. These are hypocrites of the worst kind.

Why raise such a sexist objection over a concert? Why don’t I hear these moral police speak up more against paedophilia? Recently, there was an expose by The Star’s R.AGE team on sex predators, who target children, why not condemn that?

Why criticise Gomez over a concert, which she will be performing in an urban area in Malaysia’s most advanced state, where the people are educated and contribute the most taxes? Leave Gomez and her fans alone.

Gomez’s concert is not going to take place in some rural, deeply conservative location. Gomez is not bringing her concert to haters. She is bringing a concert to her fans, who are not close-minded people.

Come on, there are so many things wrong in this world, and Gomez’s concert is certainly not one of them.

In fact, why not focus on her awesome success? Gomez is a genuine world conquering young multi-disciplined popstar, who has not fallen by the wayside like so many of her peers.

She has a squeaky clean image. She by-and-large has not been linked to scandals. She was a Disney talent, who grew up to become a Unicef spokesman, alongside maintaining a thriving career.

Why insist on sexualising her? Why objectify her body? Why are some of us so superficial? Focus on her success, not her flesh.

Some of us are so caught up in unnecessary matters. Remember the poor teenage girl who was so severely criticised for accepting a hug from a K-pop idol? Was that not an empty and pointless outrage? Did that not cause more harm than good in society?

If some of us continue to lay all sorts of baseless blame on people like Gomez, then others will continue to do the same to us. You cannot unfairly criticise people without inviting the same kind of response back.

Let us not forget there are talented Malaysians finding success in the western world.

Most famous of all is Yuna. She is a proud Muslim. She does not hide her religion. It’s part of her global identity. Good on her.

She can collaborate with Pharrell Williams. That is amazing.

If some close-minded individual in the West wanted to ban her concerts due to her religion, we would be quick to call that discrimination. The level of double standards some of us have placed on women genuinely upsets me. We are living in the 21st century, in an age of great technological progress and globalisation, and yet some people still want to sexually objectify women only as sex objects.

They will blame women for rape while they themselves hide their Internet search history. They will prefer to ban concerts rather than tackle paedophilia.

The hypocrisy is maddening. Gomez is only being victimised because of her gender.

To men who think like that, shame on you.

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