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  • Monday, 07 Sep 2015

All my jewellery are created spontaneously and come straight from the heart. says Moiseikin.

Fine Russian jewellery and souvenirs come gloriously alive at the Watch Atelier with Viktor Moiseikin’s unique creations. I am an artist, designer and businessman, in that order, he tells ZIEMAN.

Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin, the founder of Moiseikin Jewellery House in Russia, says his jewellery and souvenir collections are unique because they have soul.

“If you look at Moiseikin’s jewellery, you will see that it has soul. The stones and gems are carved and created with deep emotions,” he stresses.

“I draw inspiration from the things around me like flowers, animals and Mother Nature. I want people to believe in miracles, and jewellery craftsmanship allows me to realise this dream,” says Moisekin, when showcasing his unique jewellery pieces at The Watch Atelier in Bangsar.

One of the masterpieces on display is The Horn of Plenty, a gold-plated clock – said to be the pinnacle of Moiseikin’s creative works.

It’s a one-of-a-kind souvenir and the toast of jewellers, stonecutters and watchmakers alike. The Nautilus shell at its centre is set with a cornucopia of precious stones in the shape of grapes, leaves and even a hummingbird. The clock, tucked away at the roots of the sculpture.

It is unique unlike any other clock.

Other items on display, which Moiseikin speaks of with pride, include the silver and gold-plated souvenir Pure Rose, over which he laboured for months. Every petal and every leaf is apparently moulded from actual plant specimens. He worked at perfecting this creation until he got the right wax technique to carve real-looking rose petals.

The price for this charming gift? A cool RM7,500.

This gold-plated Pure Rose looks like the real thing, only in glittery form.
This gold-plated Pure Rose looks like the real thing, only in glittery form.

Then there is the Waltzing Diamonds, which was inspired by the graceful and romantic Swan Lake ballet.

It uses what is called the Waltzing Brilliance technique, which allows diamonds and other gemstones to rotate in a setting without being pierced. This highlights the play of light and enhances their briliance.

“The stone is held by two prongs. Every piece receives a lot of light, so they shine more when they move and rotate. Each diamond looks like it is floating freely and revolving round its axis. This action reflects lights galore with its facets, emanating the aura of regalness and nobility.

“The process of experimenting on this technology and faceting the stone took more than a year. But what makes it more exquisite is how the diamonds move gently and gracefully in a true Swan Lake ballet style,” says Moiseikin.

For the 42-year-old, each piece has a secret that can only be revealed by the beautiful lady wearing it. Every piece involves a long process to make, taking between three months and up to a few years.

“All my jewellery are created spontaneously and come straight from the heart.” says Moiseikin.
“All my jewellery are created spontaneously and come straight from the heart.” says Moiseikin.

It’s not easy to translate his thoughts into a jewellery piece, Moiseikin says.

“It gives me great pleasure when I see people happy with my creations. I like to see the shine in their eyes when they take my pieces home. It motivates me to continue my craft but not all the jewellery I created will be completed. There are some which I am not satisfied with, so I don’t sell or show,” he says.

For Moiseikin, the jewellery business is not just a business.

“Moiseikin is my life. It is something very personal. By creating beauty, we are changing the world and changing ourselves. I admire any beauty that catches my eyes. I’m always excited to discover something new and translating them into an art piece, just like an artist.

“I am an artist, designer and businessman, in that order,” says Moiseikin who founded Moiseikin Jewellery House in 1993, a connoisseur brand that specialises in object d’art and fine jewellery.

He found his love for glyptography (the art of sculpture and the carving of precious stones) at five when helping his grandfather, Ivan, a sculptor and painter, at his workshop.

These Moiseikin rings are inspired by Mother Nature, specifically flowers.
These Moiseikin rings are inspired by Mother Nature, specifically flowers.

“When I started, I didn’t know much about the jewellery world. I was 19 when I took craftsmanship seriously. I just did what I loved and I still do what I love and love what I do. I believe if you want to be successful, you must do what you love, and what you believe in,” he says.

According to Moiseikin, he fell in love with colourful stones after his father, Vladimir, a geologist, gave him a piece of malachite. Since then, he has been collecting colourful stones from the Urals.

In 1993, the 23-year-old opened his jewellery studio in Yekaterinburg with just US$100, determined to revive the tradition of Russian luxury started by Karl Gustavovich Faberge in the 19th century.

For the last 20 years, Moiseikin has been creating outstanding Russian luxury works, reviving the time-honoured Russian artisans’ tradition while incorporating state-of-the-art innovations.

“I want to continue the beautiful traditions of my country and put into practice what I define as the Russian luxury,” he says.

Moiseikin regards all his artwork as treasures, secrets and magical works, and hates it if anyone refers them as “products”.

“Our life is like a journey, and it is very short. Our lifelong journey is made of emotions, feelings, and expressions. I try to find something right, and express it through the jewellery and souvenirs that I create,” says Moiseikin who has 200 people working at his workshop in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

“I don’t believe in trends. All my jewellery are created spontaneously and come straight from the heart. For me, ideas are like thunderbolts, where every piece created must leave an impression, just like a beautiful woman. All our creations are not symmetrical. I don’t like symmetrical designs because our life is not symmetrical,” Moisekin stresses.

He says his creations are meant for those who believe in jewellery with a soul.

“You pay for the exquisite jewellery and buy the emotions,” he concludes.

Those interested in Moiseikin’s unique jewellery items can place an order through The Watch Atelier.

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