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Preparing to be a bigger group

Departments given more autonomy as company looks to involve more people in the growth process

Greater initiative: Employees are entrusted and empowered to carry out projects and explore interests that may open new opportunities for the company.

Harnessing the power of data

DATA has become a key factor for decision-making in companies. But experts note that SMEs are not utilising data fast enough to keep them relevant in today’s digital-focused market.

Sweet venture

After building a presence in the tourist market, local chocolate maker is eyeing the local market

Tasteful experience: The company offers DIY classes to enhance customer experience with its brand.

India’s top digital payments firm bets on local expertise

INDIA’S top digital payments firm, Paytm, is betting on its local expertise and a deep pool of backers to fuel business growth and fight off global rivals in a rapidly growing market, its chief executive said last Tuesday.

New technology could replace 28 million jobs in region

INNOVATIONS in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, coupled with its increased adoption, will have a big impact on the workforce across Asean over the next decade, according to a new study by Cisco and Oxford Economics.

China-Asean e-commerce to expand

Chinese investments in the region growing in areas of e-commerce, logistics and payment

Growing market: There is huge potential in cross-border e-commerce trade between China and Asean. — AFP

Research location before buying

CONDUCT research into the economic prospects of a location before deciding on the type of property to buy – that is the advice for young investors.

Growing with others

AFTER some 21 years of pushing the BMS Organics chain into the market, Terry Lee thinks it is time to enable others to also participate in its growth story.

Room for expansion: Lee says the market is big enough for the company to have 150 outlets.

Helping SMEs thrive in an era of change

THE business landscape is evolving rapidly. New developments, changing trends, technological advances and changing policies are among the challenges faced by companies these days.


A partnership based on common goals

COMMON Ground, local coworking space provider, has tied-up with low-cost airline AirAsia to promote business travel through AirAsia’s MyCorporate programme for all Common Ground members.

Taking off: Malaysian co-working space provider Common Ground is also looking at plans to launch new venues across the Philippines and Thailand.