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Eye on the European market

Machine manufacturer innovates to keep up with smart factory standards

Smart line: Chong demonstrating the capabilities of its fully automated liquid filling and capping machine.

Quah’s recipe for sauces

Manufacturer finds new lease of life in the Horeca industry

Having variety: CareFood has a wide range of products to suit the needs of various customers.

Building friendships, growing together

The fact that employees at Forefront International are a tight-knit lot is probably nothing new. A steamboat lok-lok truck party, a Songkran-themed water fest, fun outings, games, trips – their activities are the stuff of legend.

Getting employees involved in giving

BUSINESSES have traditionally given out donations as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Consolidation ahead as SMEs look to increase efficiency

WITH growth expected to slow down this year, SMEs are expressing concerns over tightening sales and profits.

Building value for a grocer brand

IN THE old days, provision shop owners knew their regular customers well. They would probably have known what items their customers were there for, who prefers tea over coffee, or whose mother was ill.

Expanded offering: Village Pantry was started in early 2017 as an added service for customers.

Giving back through educational efforts

COMPANIES that have attain a certain level of success often try to give back to the community through various CSR initiatives. This may include a jumble of random efforts like making visits to orphanages and making donations to charitable organisations.

Educating the young: Orando organises contests for students to help them be far-sighted and to encourage them to think progressively, says Eng.

Startup opportunities abound

THE past few years have seen an increase of entrepreneurs in the local tech startup sector. With better access to funding, there is ample opportunity for new business ideas to take off.

Band together: Entrepreneurs are urged to build strong communities to have a bigger voice that will enable them to affect policy that is beneficial to the industry.

Eye on helping kids with poor sight

THE true mark of success is not just a measure of one’s wealth, but also how much of that wealth is given back to society.

Maxvue Vision has worked with schools to provide free eyewear for underprivileged students. Featured here is a volunteer optometrist carrying out eye checks at SJK(T) Ladang Sialang in Bahau, Negri Sembilan.

Putting on the hard hat of excellence

WHEN your brand becomes synonymous with a product, you know you have hit jackpot. And Datuk Lee Ngai Mun knows he has hit one with his safety helmets.

Proguard looks forward to automation to increase its efficiency and productivity. — Photos: S.S.KANESAN/The Star