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Ingredients for success

ACCORDING to the National Cocoa Board 2017 statistics, Malaysia has 51 chocolate manufacturers and confectioneries and 194 local chocolate producers that sell about RM1.1bil worth of products.

Aslinah, seen here with Matrade CEO Datuk Wan Latiff Wan Musa, hopes to automate operations to improve product quality.

V-More woos Thai e-commerce

OVER the past 12 months, the fast-growing one-stop e-commerce platform V-More has already garnered 500,000 users in the region.

Women face greater threat from job automation than men

WOMEN across the economic spectrum are more vulnerable than men to losing their jobs to technology, according to a study released last week by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR).

Displaced by tech: A female cashier attends to a customer. Research says positions with higher chance of being automated were dominated by women. — AP

Startups expose Europe’s divisions

FROM a small warehouse complex squeezed into a blue-collar neighbourhood across the Danube from Belgrade’s city centre, Strawberry Energy assembles its “Smart Park Bench,” a wood and steel structure with cell-phone charging stations and wifi powered by a solar panel.

Challenging factors: Success of startups is stymied by brain drain, lack of private domestic funding and a late start in government support. — AFP

China’s private companies reaching for the stars

SATELLITES have become the latest gold mine for private companies in China as they rush to reach for the stars in the space sector.

Lift-off: A security cordon is placed around the launch site of an OS-X suborbital rocket, which was developed by OneSpace Technology Group Co Ltd, in northwestern China last May. — China Daily

Women power helps boost Vietnam’s economy

MORE and more women are running businesses across the country. There are around 145,000 SMEs currently run by women in Vietnam.

Push for women: By 2020, Vietnam is targeting more than a third of its one million enterprises to be owned by women. — Bloomberg

Local startups set for regional challenge

THREE Malaysian startups have been selected as regional finalists in the Alipay-NUS Enterprise Social Innovation Challenge for their innovative waste management solutions.

Leverage digital platform to meet demands

LEVERAGING on the digital platform to meet customer demand, Malaysia’s young entrepreneurs who dominated 40% of the country’s population are becoming more powerful in today’s business.

Perseverance bears fruitfor distributor

LOCAL beauty products distributor Orlins Venture Group (OVG) has successfully secured RM302,000 from 54 investors through its equity crowdfunding

Azaib hits the sweet spot

PEOPLE often do a double-take when they find out Aslinah Aslam’s age when she founded Azaib Holdings – she was 25 years old. They are even more surprised to know that she started her chocolate manufacturing company with no practical business experience.

Learning from others: Aslinah participates in trade shows to learn new trends in the market.