Seremban-Kuala Pilah stretch of traffic lights temporarily deactivated

SIX sets of traffic lights along the Seremban-Kuala Pilah stretch – an important link between Seremban and the east coast – will be deactivated until June 9 to allow smoother traffic flow along the route this Hari Raya holidays.

Kuala Pilah district officer Syahrul Nizam Saleh said the traffic lights are located at Ampang Tinggi, SMK Dato’ Abdul Samad, SK Dato’ Idris (both Tanjung Ipoh), SK Yam Tuan Hitam, Terachi, Ulu Bendul Recreational Park and SK Ulu Bendul.

“Once we deactivate the Ampang Tinggi traffic light, motorists coming from Jalan Seremban Lama and heading towards Seremban will have to make a U-turn at the Kuala Pilah Giant heading towards Seremban,” he said.

Syahrul Nizam said the Jalan Dato’ Undang Johol-Jalan Perpatih and Jalan Dato’ Undang Johol-Jalan Dato’ Abdul Manap junctions in Kuala Pilah town would also be closed during the period.

The Jalan Dato’ Undang Johol-Jalan Ulu Muar junction will also be closed if the traffic in the town is heavy.

“Motorists coming from Jempol who wish to get into Kuala Pilah town will have to use the lane next to the RHB Bank or use Jalan Bukit and into Jalan Perpateh,” he said.

Police and Road Transport Department personnel would be stationed at strategic areas such as Ulu Bendul public housing scheme, SK Yam Tuan Hitam, Tanjung Ipoh-Talang, Senaling, Ampang Tinggi and Wisma MCA junctions to monitor traffic.

He said as an alternative, motorists can also use the Seremban-Kuala Klawang-Simpang Pertang-Muadzam Shah-Kuantan route as an alternative and avoid getting into Kuala Pilah.

“Road users from Rembau can use the Kg Batu-Johol and the Jalan Dangi-Kepis-Bahau stretch to get to Bahau, Bandar Baru Serting, Muadzam Shah and Kuantan,” he said.

As another alternative, Syahrul Nizam said motorists can also use the Tanjung Ipoh-Ranjau Hantu-Kuala Pilah stretch to avoid getting into Kuala Pilah.

“They will exit at Kg Parit T-junction and then continue their journey to the east coast,” he said.

Another option, he said, was for motorists to use the Terachi-Seri Menanti-Senaling stretch.

“They will exit at the Senaling T-junction and be able to continue their journey to the east coast via Jalan Tampin-Kuala Pilah-Manchis, Jalan Senaling-Kepis, Jalan Dangi-Kepis-Bahau,” he said.

Syahrul Nizam said motorists can also get traffic updates in Kuala Pilah from its Facebook account and InfoTrafik-KP twitter handle or call the police at 06-484 2999.

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